Happy morning mga idol, gus2 ko lng po ishare kng bakit aq nainvolved sa IM. Lahat tau nghahanap ng solusyun sa problems ntin, I want more knowledge sa MLM biznes ko kya di aq nag stop finding more learnings. Until one tym, nabrowse ko ung link ni bro adrian, dun ko nakita lahat ng hinahanap ko kya I decided to buy it. I do not know personally bro adrian, but I feel his sincerity to help others. I believe, we meet people not by accident but by purpose... Tnx bro adrian to all ur nonstop support. God bless us

Allan De Padua


Thank you for sharing the advocacy bro..there's a reason kung bat nagkakilala tayo, thank you din sa articles mo i love reading them, keep using your gift...and keep glorifying God in whatever you do.

Binsoy Basilio

Author of www.Workwithbinsoy.com and Co-founder of Ignition Marketing

Hi, Bro, i believe with the guidance of our dear Lord all your wishes and dream are already in your way. I'm looking forward that one day we are together doing good thing to our fellow kababayans. Like you i'm a dreamer, dreaming to be a millionaire so I can help many people maybe not in terms of money, but to give them hope that everything is possible, if you pursue your purpose in life. People like you is truly amazing, despite of hardship, you are always looking forward to pursue what our dear Lord want you to be. God Bless and more power.

Allan Mantaring


Thank you Adrian. Once again your post has inspired me more.
To all my friends, I haven't met this man. We are not even friends here in Facebook. But 5 years ago when I am so lost and had given up on my faith in God, his fb post got my attention. An fb friend shared his article and the rest is history.
Today, as I am having one of my rare down moments from an exhaustion on the raging battle on my mind, his post has managed to magically creeped in on my timeline. Carrying big words of inspiring truth. Once again, thru his post, Adrian has inspired me. A man that I have never met saved me not just once.
That is why I have never get tired of posting positive and inspiring words everyday. As oftened as I can. Even on my own doubtful moments, I still choose to post inspiring words. Because I believe that somehow, somewhere there is someone out there that might need it.
To Adrian Milag, thank you so much bro. You have brought many souls back to God. Hope to meet you soon. Keep inspiring!

Michael Lizondra

Hi Bro. /Kuya Adrian, First of all, belated happy birthday bro. Second, welcome sa Feast Imus! :) Nakwento mo na sa akin yan one time about your calling and I was really amazed how God really works in your life. Ooops! wait hirap ka nga pala sa English so pahihirapan pa kita lalo cause lahat ng sasabihin ko is pure English okay lang ba? Jokes! :) Anyways, I can say that I am also blessed to know you and to know you even more, kahit na parang AlDub lang ang communication natin.. hahaha (Txt and Chat). Honestly, kahit 1 week pa lang tayo pinag-meet ni Lord, ang dami kong natutunan sa'yo. :D 
Rhianne is so lucky to have you as her father! :) Just continue to be an inspiration, lovable and blessing to others through your stories and testimonials. I will always pray for your heart's desires and His transformation in your life.

Mariel Fariscal


Thanks for the many information that you are sharing to me. However, as of this time, I am still trying my best to learn the so many things about these marketing techniques that you and Eduard is sharing to me and to others.
I hope one day, i will be able to meet you and Eduard personally to ask lot of things.
Thanks and more power.
Sincerely yours,

Elmer Loredo

“Grabe! so inspiring story of yours... You are an epitome of God's servant, a man having a good heart, a mind full of wisdom, and a person that really inspires every reader of this blog.
I can see in here a successful business man, an author and a good leader not only in material things but in relationship as well especially in leading God's people for His glory.
A good servant and a good leader.Continue to be a blessing to others! Stay humble as you are... God bless you and your family :)”

Marilou Macababbad

“Adrian is a dear friend to me.
I admire him for being such a strong man.
HUmble enough to admit his mistakes, brave enough to fight his life challenges.
He is so passionate and disciplined.
Always open and eager for learning.
That's why I believe that this man is going to make it big in the near future.
Keep up the good work, bro!
God bless you!”

Mong Montances

“Continue your journey with sincere heart to help Adrian and God will never fail His promise to His faithful son.. I will be looking forward to your success...
Just learn good things in this industry and avoid those who pretend to be good for their own personal interest.. God be with you always...”

Joel S. Milag

Founder and CEO of ASIA Business Club

“No wonder that you are speaking all of those words, sentences and thoughts because you are truly devoted to all of the things you really want to have & reach. I had the opportunity to meet this guy way back 2010 during our "Volunteer Days" in a public hospital in Manila.
Oh my Gosh! As in those were the days wherein everything you work for was "FREE". I can't imagine that once in our lives, we entered such thing. Going back, for me, I've known Adrian as the "Most Sentimental" and "Emo" guy on earth.
As in, every duty, we used to talk so heart-to-heart sentimental things about his fall out love life. Haha! I saw how it hurt him a lot & how deep it affected him. But you know what? That despite of all these depressions and frustrations, I've witnessed how he always chooses to be faithful to GOD.
Even though there were a lot pain that kills him every day, he always compensates everything by leaning to GOD. He always goes to Bro. Bo Sanchez's "The Feast", which is every Sunday held at PICC. And that's really one thing I adore him about.
He is very God-centered & God-fearing. In fact, he was the one who introduced me about that Bro. Bo's regular gathering on Sundays. And of course, I'm happy to feel how great his love is for his adorable daughter and I believe that he is a responsible & loving father, too! As years go on, who would believe that he is tagged as, "Bro. Adrian" now?? Sounds so great, isn't it?
Tol, I know how far you want to go in your chosen craft. Whatever career you want to take, its not about how good you are, it's about the true dedication you're willing to impart.
Just continue what you have & where you are right now. And I believe that God sees all your hard works. And that's one thing I'm very certain about. As I have experienced. :-) God bless you Tol! Good luck Bro. Adrian! Aim high for your dreams. One day, pasakay sa BMW mo ha! Hehehe! :-)”

Abbie Manalo

“Great Inspiring story bro. Adrian. I know you can fulfill your dreams with God's help bro. because of your dedication and commitment in serving the Lord and I know that you want God to bless you because it is also your desire to bless other people.
I see your passion and potential in Marketing Industry. I believe God will surely bless you. Stay humble my friend.”

Alex Servande Jr.

“wow congrats kuya its been 4years, i remember our first met up was after our visits at Padre Pio's chapel...a man wearing in his uniform, quiet eating his meal. we were not the same caring group by God truly make His way for our friendship. and i always believe there are no coincidence on this earth.
everything has a purpose/reasons. and as time past by we were able to built a sisterhood/brotherhood relationships. i was always be thankful on Him for bringing u to me. i miss those late cg bonding with the group, ung iyakan natin pag dating sa lovelife, our chickas staying hours over the phone etc etc.
well i guess God has already built u to be a man who can already conquer anything everything here on earth, kaya di mo na ako kinukulit....hehe God has already mold to what He wants you to be. A loving father to your daughter, a good servant to His church, a good networker truly you are now a POWERFUL CHAMPION SON of GOD.
cguro naman naalala mo pa ung mga advises ko sa iyo...i'm not perfect but trying to do good and be a loving daughter to Him. sana ikaw din just always hold on to Him mawala man ako alam ko kaya mo na because you are already cemented on His words and His love will always keep you to do good and be a blessings to others. congrats and Godbless. remember God will always before you...kaya gogogo lang! ingat ka palagi! “
Annie Laurente

“You are awesome bro. God is with you You are so blessed and I'm thankful for being my friend, for all the blessing of wisdom that you've shared with me. Now are really a grow person, spiritual and in life. Like what I've experience and learned from you, there's a lot of people will be blessed too by this blog, by your story.
I look forward that you will be a successful author of a book that will blessed lot of people.
Thank you for everything, thank you for your story. Good bless you more and He have a great plan for you. You are a God fisherman bro.Keep it up. He is always with you on your purpose.”

Bernadeth Fadriquela

“Thank you for sharing your life story. You can truly inspire others to persevere in life. Just continue to be one of the "fire starters" in your chosen career, which is marketing. I believe that you will attain your dreams in life because you have a potential to grow more based on my observations on you.
You always give your best in your career. You have grown to become a better person since we met each other in our training last year. May God use you more to help others financially, especially through financial literacy.
Just stay humble in order for you to learn more from your mentors. Keep up the good work in your career and in your ministry. It is such an honor for me to have met you in our community and being my brother in Christ. God bless you and more power to you bro.
What I can share to you is the Latin quote that I have learned in my ROTC days in college and based on the book that I have read in high school, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee – “Ad astra per aspera”(to the stars, through hardships). Continue to persevere in your career while offering your works and sufferings from day to day to God”

Adrian Magpantay

“Wow Congrats tol. Ikaw na talaga. I'ts been a long time since i last saw you. Remembering OM days, ikaw yung lagi namin timatawag pag may IV insertion haha since takot kami mag insert ng IV. Ikaw din tinatwag namin pag nagstop yung IV haha.
What i remember most about you is napakabait mong tao, masipag, masarap kasama, mabilis makasundo, napaka dedicated mong tao sa trabaho. Ikaw yung tipo ng taong gagawin lahat para ma achieve mo ung gusto mong maabot sa buhay.
Ikaw din yung nakilala kong single dad na hindi napariwara ang buhay at di pinabayaan ang anak, sa katunayan lalo kapa nagsumikap. Obviously napaka successful mo na ngaun. Spell sipag at tiyaga? e di YOu. Ayan ang characteristic na meron ka kaya nasayo na ang lahat.
Thankful ako kasi you consider me as one of your friends kahit pa matagal na since OM days hindi kapa din nakakalimot. Congrats sa pagiging successful mo, pag patuloy mo kung anong meron ka at lalo mo pang pagsikapan. No wonder someday meron kana din sariling companya na pinapatakbo. May Godbless you always tol.”

Jocelyn Militante

A for Awesome. Everyone agrees that he's awesome, ofcourse all hearthrob do, right? Hehe.
D for Daddy. Yes, he's a single dad who endures all the hardship just to see her daughter safe and happy.
for Radical. A member of Radical Men of The Light of Jesus Community.
for Irresistable. Oh yes who would resist this hearthrob guy? Haha. Nah, he's irresistable no matter how heavy his problems are. But you know, that letter "I" sometimes stands for irritating. Haha. He is fond of teasing everyone like everday.
A for Amazing. This tough guy amazes everyone. Despite of having busy schedule, he never runs out of time being God's servant, and a loving father.
N for Nice. A nice guy who cannot say "no" in helping someone in need, except when it comes to financial, just kiddin'. Hehe.
And that's ADRIAN”

Arlyn Albolote

“Hi Adrian, what you shared about and your life are truly inspiring. You have found courage, trust and love to pursue your dreams and personal desires because you chose to follow God's plan. I will pray for your continuous beautiful transformation. Your God's gift, treasure and champion.”

Jane Nilayan

“ADRIAN MILAG? Plain and quiet type of man, He's witty during our highschool days Maaasahan sa mga blank no. ng mga test papers mo Every time na inaasar ku siya isa lang lage nyang ginagawa: 'tatawa at sabay sasabihin 'IKAW BUNGAY
Best buddy nya si Guillermo, They're look-a-like batteries POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. (Ofcourse Mr. Milag was the POSITIVE ONE) Yes! Nakikisali sya sa kalokohan ng buddy nya but yet going straight pa ren sya sa curriculum namin.. Then many years have passed.
Ayun palabas labas na sya sa News Feed ku at nakikita ku na super dedicated sya sa buhay, God-centered & fighter. I believe that time will come that all your dreams and wishes are yet to come TRUE! by the God's perfect time. I salute you brader for being MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED BY YOUR DAUGHTER. Cheeers!”

Jemmalyn Bungay

“Hi adrian! It's been a while since i last saw you and the last time i really talked to you was over shawarma and ice cream anyway, i can see that you have finally found passion in your chosen career and i am genuinely happy for you.
Continue to grow, stay motivated and always inspire and encourage others through your own life story amd testimonial. Rhianne is truly blessed to have you as her dad. May God continue to bless you and prosper you and use you for His kingdom. May He bless and honor the works of your hands and grant you all your heart's desires.”

Kayeanne Puerto

“Keep it up bro, continue to be a blessing to others. GOD bless you”

Dr. Christine Magtuto

"God bless you more and continue to use you to be a testimony about God's unfailing love and grace."

Benjamin Garcia

“Continue doing what you do because you will serve as a light to those people trap in the nursing limbo”

Stahl Gonzales

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