Sunday, September 4, 2016

Your Health Is Important To God

The bible tells us that we are the "temple of the Holy Spirit" meaning to say God reside in us. Sadly many people don’t take care of themselves. When their body tells them to rest, they will just ignore it and gets sick.

They will rely on "pop a pill" when they feel pain. They will take synthetic drugs. They will depend on all sorts of medicines.

Can I be honest with you? Did you know those synthetic drugs don’t really treat the deep root cause of diseases in our body?

It will only give you temporary relief.

Why? Because our bodies are not designed for those synthetic drugs. Our body has a natural healing capacity - God gave us our awesome immune system to fight those diseases.

Many people often get sick because they don’t take care of their body and they don’t exercise.

Last 6 months, I had a serious illness and that experience taught me to love myself by taking care of my body. So, I decided to go back to the gym after 6 long years!!

Last 6 years, my main reason why I go to the gym is to look "gwapo" and "macho"

But now? The reason why I go to the gym is to have more energy and strength to serve more in ministry.

Being “gwapo” and “Macho” is just a side effect of it!

There’s a saying that “Health is wealth”, God is concerned about you and He is telling you to take care of your health.

Today i want to share this short video and i hope it can help and bless your life.

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