Sunday, September 11, 2016

Finish Your Own Race In Life

Many people are good at start but finished so badly, because they stop their race in life in the middle.

Why? Maybe because they have the disease of "tamaditis" minsan may sakit din akong ganyan.

Or maybe they stop kasi hindi na nila kaya yung mga pagsubok na hinaharap nila, hindi na nila mahandle yung pressure na nasa harap nila and the easiest way to do is to quit!

Na realize ko sa buhay natin na kung anu yung nakukuha natin ng madalian eh hindi natin to pinahahalagahan pero kapag pinaghirapan mo yung isang bagay eh yun yung madalas na nagtatagal!

Maraming tao ang sobrang lapit na sa mga pangarap nila pero dahil sa mas pinili nilang mag- give up kaysa mag- stay they missed the blessings.

I pray that you won’t do that foolish exchanges because God loves to bless you and all you need to do is to trust Him with all your heart.

I hope this short video that I created will bless and will inspire you

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