Monday, August 29, 2016

There Is No Coincidence With God

There is no such thing as coincidence with God...

Lahat ng nang-yayare sa buhay mo ay may dahilan at purpose.

Panget man yan o maganda, lahat yan ay pagsasamahin ni Lord para gawen ang plano nya sa buhay mo.

Maari hindi mo maintindihan baket kelangan mangyare yan sayo, I want to remind you that God is the creator of the universe and He sees your future full of hope.

The bible tells us that "all things will work for good to those who love God"

Sabe dyan ay "all" wala sinabing “some” or “few”, meaning to say lahat ng nangyayare sayo ay gagamitin ni Lord for your FAVOR!

All you have to do is to trust and to fully surrender your life to Jesus!

I make this short video to lift you and to inspire you kung medyo down ka ngayon.

I hope this video serves you...

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