Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Power Of Desperation

Almost  a year when I started my blog, I can still remember when I start making blog I don’t have any idea about building website because I don't have any background about it, so I asked myself “How can I start it”? All I have that time is just 700 pesos and my desperation to start that blog!

In-spite of it, I started my blog with 700 pesos and do it manually because if I will hire a programmer or an IT expert to create my blog it will cost me almost P30,000 and that time I don’t have any money in my pocket because I lost money on the business that I have started!

That hunger and desperation in my heart push me to learn manually how to build a website, so I researched about it and I made day into night and night into day just to learn!

Yes, I admit that at the start I was discouraged because of that small amount  I had and most of the time I doubted myself if I can really make it but because of that DESPERATION in my heart and that small voice that tells me to NEVER GIVE UP whatever happens pushes me to pursue that calling.

You know what happen?

Even I had only SMALL resources that time?

Fast forward, I am now earning 5 figures income from that Blog which I started with just only 700 pesos!

I thank God that He gives me the courage and the faith that I need!

You know sometimes we no longer pursue our dreams and ambition in life because we only look on the current situation and resources that we have right now and we convince ourselves that we can no longer make it because of that small resources!

You know I believe God allows it because He wants you to persevere and He wants you to rely only to Him in-spite of small resources that you have right now!

Remember this: Desperation will lead you to push yourself to the limit and do the things outside your comfort zone and that is the only key to Success.

Friends, are your resources too small?

David killed Goliath with just a small stone and God is telling you now that you too can achieve that dreams even how big it is because you have a BIG GOD!

Be desperate and start small because small is terrible!

 "Together Towards Radical Change"

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