Thursday, April 7, 2016

What lesson about success can you learn from Napoleon Hill?

Napoleon Hill is one of the great entrepreneurs, authors and inspirational speakers ever live on earth, his trademark is “Think and Grow Rich." 

I’m pretty sure if you're fond of reading book pertains to success, surely you would know about this, in fact this is highly recommended by many successful experts because of its principle that you'll learn with regards to success.

For me, this helped me a lot after reading this book of him and it really changed the way I think and my perspective in life.

The first released of his book was Napoleon Hill game changer. But you know what? When he was writing his book, he was not millionaire then, in fact he is broke that time.

Despite of his situation, he didn't let that obstacle to impede what he wants, his goal and dream to become as one of the best authors!

Maybe, if you had read his book, you might be thinking why is he so over confident for he himself is NOT successful?

But you know why? It's because he did not use any story of success about him, he used others success story (^_^)

He interviewed the most successful people in his era and he used that to write his First Best Selling Book, that's why if you notice he has many example of people mentioned in his book and he never talked about his experiences.

All his writings on his book talked about the story of the people he had interviewed, isn't he's wise? (^_^)

He was not just a writer of a book, he was a beneficial as well, because of the knowledge and wisdom he got from those successful people he dealt with.

Sabi nga diba, "If you want to become successful, learn from the successful people.”

Kung gusto mo maging magaling na doctor kanino kaba magtatanong? Siyempre sa mahusay na doctor ,tama?

If you want to become a good artist, learn from good artist, right?

Sometimes, some of us are so pride, that’s why we don't like to ask help and assistance from others.

But if you will humble yourself you can save yourself from a lot of pain,

Yes! Experience is the best teacher!

But there is something better, "learn from others experience", so you won't commit the same mistake again.

That was exactly happened to Napoleon Hill, because of the wisdom he learned from others, that led him to pinnacle of success.

Many of us, we have lots of excuses or alibis, some may say I'm poor, I'm not well educated, I'm not that smart, and the like.

They let that situation to be a reason not strive and pursue their dreams in life, and buried it into the ground to the deepest that they could, they see the big problem not the solution they can to solve the problem..

Every time I go to the cemetery, I feel bad and sad it’s not because of the people died and buried in that place but it’s because I remember some people who lose their hope and let their dreams died and buried also.

This world is more beautiful if people will live and work for their dream because even if you die, your legacy will remain and will impact many people lives because of what you have started.

Friends maybe you have some issues in life and challenges right now and I know it's not easy!

But never allow it to stop you for achieving your dreams, be like Napoleon Hill that even though he was not successful at first, he was courageous to follow and believe on what he can do to achieve his dream in life.

He did not lose hope along the way, instead, his situation or experience was his spring board to be more motivated and inspired to work and pursue his dream. Fight for your dreams and never give up!

Friend, don't be like those people who let their dreams like a wind, and never find a way to achieve and let it be buried on the ground.

Kung papipiliin ka? Yung mahirapan ka pansamantala para tuparin ang pangarap mo or maghirap ka habang buhay dahil sa pagsuko mo pangarap mo?

God wants to prosper you and He has a great plan for your life, follow that dreams in your heart!

Maraming taong ang umaasa sayo, bibiguin mo ba sila? (^_^)

"Together Towards Radical Change"

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