Sunday, April 17, 2016

What Are The Two Types Of Person In This World?

Did you know that there are two types of person on earth? You know what those are?

- person that gives to live

- person that lives to give

Maybe you have read my recent blog about giving and learned how powerful in our everyday life. You  really need to give time, your talent or even your treasure. At sa pagbibigay mo magkakaiba yun sa totoong intensiyon or purpose mo kung bakit mo yun  kailangang gawin.

Dalawa lang ang nakikita kong dahilan kung bakit gusto natin magbigay sa kapwa natin, ika nga “walang sinoman ang mabubuhay para sa sarili lamang,” lahat ng bagay sa mundo ay mag-kakadugtong at may epekto yun sa bawat isa sa atin.

We give to live...

Most of the people in this world have this mindset, ito yung mga taong nagbibigay dahil may kapalit.

For example, kung empleyado ka ngayon, binibigay mo 'yong oras mo para bayaran ka di ba?

You need to render eight-hour of service to the company you're employed with if not, you will not earn any.

This is survival mindset, you give to live, kung hindi magugutom ka,

Marami satin ay gusto lang magbigay kasi may inaasahan na kapalit, sigurista kasi tayo, give and take dapat (^_^)

But you know, this  kind of mindset is not healthy, why?

Because you have a mindset of lack and scarcity , para sayo eh lagi ka na lang mauubusan.

Ang daming opportunities ang pwedeng mawala sayo kasi gagawa ka lang ng isang bagay kung may kapalit and you know how the universe of God works? It’s by giving until it hurts na walang hinihintay na kapalit.

We live to give...

God specifically designed us to serve, we're living because we need to serve one another same thing Jesus did when He walked here on earth.

He came here to serve humanity. He lives to give His life for us and that’s why Jesus wants us to imitate Him because Jesus knew the secret to have an abundant life.

If God sees you're right intention why you like to give whole heartedly without reservation, the more God will bless you.

Yes, nakakatakot talaga minsan magbigay sa dahilang baka maubusan at mawalan ka.

But you know what, if God sees you're a cheerful giver , He will bless you more abundantly.

Personally, I struggle on this, because it seems its hard to give and serve others, thinking of  who are they for me to give and serve? That was exactly my mindset before, but I realized  through giving selflessly, will serve as an avenue of God's blessing to my life.

Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam na nabubuhay ka para magbigay kasi alam mo na maraming tao ang makikinabang nito, and you can change someone's life out there and I believe God sees everything that’s why He will bless you more and more.

The joy that you feel deep within is priceless when you serve someone.

Most especially when they send and give you personal message thanking you from the service you have rendered of expressing how grateful they are for they have learned from you in helping them in your own simple way.

That's why, Im so grateful that God is giving me an opportunity to serve others because He really designed us to serve one another.

If we truly embrace this principle in our heart and our soul we will experience more freedom and abundance, because Jesus came not to be served but to serve instead.

When you follow the principle of Jesus, you'll have abundant life in everything!

"Together Towards Radical Change"

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