Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Write Not To Impress But To Bless

When I decided to write my first blog 2 years ago, I was so afraid because people might criticize me on my writing skills and on my grammar. And YES, I was right! I was criticized on that aspect!

 A cliché says that "truth hurts”, and it was true for me. I was so down when people criticized me, especially that one of those people who criticized me was one of my friends. It really hurts a lot! There’s a voice whispering in my ears, saying "Adrian, you’re a terrible writer. God cannot use you on that area." But I choose not to listen to that voice and pursue what's in my heart.

In spite of it, I still choose to write because I do this not to impress but to bless. I believe with all my heart and through discerning process that it is God who called me to write and influence someone out there! So I write as many blogs that I can even though nobody seems to appreciate it.

I know someone out there needs it and guess what? Since I choose to follow my calling and persevere, I now already receive tons of email from different people thanking me because they are so blessed with the articles and blogs that I write.

I remember this one guy who recently sent me an e-mail, and poured out his emotions brought by one of my articles. He told me his trials and challenges that he went through and because he read my blog, he was uplifted, inspired and was given hope!

Friends, God will call you not because of your ability but your availability. Many of us are afraid to obey God's calling because we fear how other people would respond to it. Remember this, you are the light of the world and God is calling you right now to impact someone’s life out there and bring them to Jesus.

Just imagine, if I listened to those negative voices and criticism, and eventually stopped writing, maybe I would not have this deep satisfaction, happiness and joy in my heart because God is already using my blog to influence people. When God calls you, there is an assurance that He will equip you because He wants you to be His representative on earth and to make a difference. Be the light of the world and be the person God called you to be!

"Together Towards Radical Change"

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