Saturday, December 12, 2015

What Is The Best Investment In The World?

When I start attending at the feast I was introduced to tithing and this principle of giving is very new to me, ako kase yung tipo ng katoliko na nag-iingay tuwing offering na puro coins ang lage kong hinuhulog sa basket (klik-klak-klong), hehe

Yun kase yung nakagawian ko and I have a scarcity mindset that if I give I will be lacking, but it all change when I started to open myself to tithing and i started to tithe kahet minsan wala nakong mabigay.

Pero hindi ako natatakot because God promises us that if we give He will open the flood gates of heaven to bless us and it was written in the book of Malachi.

I know God will provide if we will obey and trust Him fully.

I remember this one moment of my life that I'm so down financially and I'm not earning on my business that time and I really need this certain amount of money and I don't know what to do how can I earn it.

Sobrang down talaga ako and I started to doubt God, if He can will really provide!

Di ba yun naman ang human instinct naten na nagkakaron tayo ng fear, worry and doubt pag may mga crisis tayo sa buhay?

At kung nararanasan mo yan ngayon! Good news totoong tao ka!

Kase normal lang na nararamdaman mo yan and God understand it, but in spite of all I still hold on to God promises that He will take care of me!

Then one Sunday morning me and my fellow radical brother planned to have a L.G (light group), Naalala ko nung time na yun na-late pa nga ako sa L.G namen kase medyo tinatamad talaga ako pumunta kase sa bigat ng nararamdaman ko pero pinili ko pa ren pumunta and I had a chance to meet this Mexican Priest and I had a chance to talk to Him and I’m so blessed by his wisdom and you know happen after we talk?

He hold my hands and I felt there's something inside his hands and he give it to me and when I look at it, it was the exact amount of money I needed!!

And He told me this word "Take it because God told me to give it to you"

Yung mga panahon na yun hindi ako makapagsalita at parang gustong kong maiyak sa sobrang tuwa!

All I want to do that time is to praise and worship God because of His goodness and generosity!

I reap the harvest because I decide to sow into the kingdom of God and when the time I needed the money God bless me more ten times on what I give.

Friends the good investment is investment to God!

If you trust God with your money He can replace it more than what you give because we can never out give God for His generosity!

Worldly wealth is temporary but eternal wealth will last forever.

I encourage you to invest in the kingdom of God!

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