Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This Is The Best Weapon In Life When You Have Problems

Problems are inevitable... lahat tayo meron nyan medium, small, large, XL, or XXL problem pa yan...

All of us have problems and there’s no such thing as problem free life but not all people see problem the same way.

Kase iba iba ang personality naten at iba yung environment na kinalakihan naten, maybe how we cope on our problem is based on what our parents taught us, or maybe how you were mold in the past.

Pero ang tanong ko sayo kapag may problema kaba anu yung ginagawa mo?

Kaninu kaba tumatakbo pag nalalagay ka sa alanganin?

How do you cope with your problems?

Yung iba tinataguan na lang nila ang problema nila kase takot sila harapin to...

Yung iba naman dedma-dedmahan they are in denial...

Yung iba naman EMO palage...

Yung iba naman Bitter…

How about you?

You know I have a strong recommendation for you when you have big mountain of problems that you are facing right now.

Eto yung best weapon na pwede mong gamitin sa mga challenges and problems na kahaharapin mo kase eto mismo yung ginamit ng mga great people in the bible!

Gusto mo malaman to? (^_^) make sure na mapanuod mo etong video na ginawa ko para sayo dahel dyan ko Shinare yung best weapon na ginagamit ko pag may mga problema akong hinaharap…

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