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Why God Allow Suffering in Your Life?

The bible tells us the true nature of God, that He is merciful, compassionate and He love us unconditionally especially when you read the gospel of Jesus it is the perfect proof of God love for us.

Pero ang malaki katanungan ng karamihan kung mahal ako ni Lord bakit nya hinahayaan na mag suffer ako?

You can easily see God in your life when everything is ok right?

When the blessing and favor are overflowing in your life, it’s easy to thank and praise Him in that situation but how about when you have trials and sufferings in life? Magiging faithful ka pa ren ba?

Why God allow you to suffer if He really loves you? 

Maybe you also ask that question frequently and maybe you have a big boulder of problems right now and you're asking God why? 

If God really loves me why He allow me to suffer? 

Why He allow someone to hurt me? 

Why He allow my business to fail? Why He allow my boss to fire me on my job?

Why He allow my family to be broken?  

Why he allow my marriage to fail?

Why he allow me to get sick?

You have so many questions in your life and I want you to know that God is not the one who send that problems but sometimes He allows us to go through them because He has a Purpose.

Today I will share to you the 3 theological reason that I've learn why God allow suffering maybe this information will help you.

It’s in the tough times of life that we find out what we're really made of.

To Reveal Your Character

Ang isang lemonade or an orange how can you know kung maasim sya or matamis? Di ba ang gagawin mo is to squeeze it para lumabas ang juice?

Katulad din sa buhay naten , God will allow us to go through suffering to reveal our character at anu ba yung juice na meron ang puso naten and what is your true motives and intention.

Even in a relationship you cannot know the true character of your friends or your spouse kung hindi kayo dadaan sa pagsubok tama? It's easy to be nice and kind to a nice and kind person, but the challenge is how to stay kind and forgiving to other even in the midst of your trials and because of that God will reveal to you kung anu ba yung dapat mo ng baguhin sa sarili mo.

Because It may hinder the big blessing that God has prepared for you if He will not squeeze you, dun nya kase malalaman kung prepared at ready kana and if you are mature enough, kase baka puro bitterness and anger or resentment lang laman ng puso mo and it might destroy you, kaya He will continue to squeeze you.

Your Gifts can take you to a certain level but if you don’t have the character to match you won’t stay there very long, Character is develop in the tough times when we’re not getting our way but we keep doing the right thing, your character is more important than your talent you can have all the talent in the world but if you don’t have strong character you will never go very far.

To Purify Us

“See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction” Isaiah 48:10

“Gold is tested by fire, and human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation.” The bible said, we are compared on gold because it will only show its true beauty by refining and to purified on fire, maganda na ang gold pag nahukay na sya ng mga minero pero mas lalong lalabas ang ganda nya pag nilagay sya sa fire.

Ganun din tayo, we are already precious in God's eye , when God created you He already sees you as a wonderful person but God will always wants the best for you and He allow sufferings in your life to purify you and to shape you and mold you to be the best you.

Why? Because He wants to use you in a mighty way and He will use your story to bless other and you’re mess will become your message and your test will become your testimony and your trials will become your triumph, that's why He will equip you by allowing trials and problems in your life.

God wants to bring out the best in you, ayaw nya na maging complacent ka lang, ayaw nya maging passive ka, ayaw nya na maging stagnant ka lang, God wants you to grow.

To Strengthen Your Faith and Experience

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:2-3

Para lumakas ang muscle naten at para maging firm it should be exercise and there should be pressure on it para hindi mag atrophy or lumiit at mag sag at kelangan mo talagang mag work- out.

God allow problems on our life to strengthen the muscle of our faith and you need to experience pressure to do that and how can you practice your faith if you don't have any challenge, minsan madali lang sabihin na we have faith in God pero pag andyan na yung challenges naten dun talaga tayo nasusubok kung gaanu na ba kalaki yung Faith naten.

I remember the story of Job in the bible, He is faithful to God and He love God so much and He glorify God in all that he do and then Satan ask permission to God kase gusto nya malaman kung talaga bang faithful si Job kay Lord at nagpaalam muna si satan bago nya padalan ng maraming problems and suffering si Job and God allow it why? , He knows the heart of Job.

Alam mo hindi ka bibigyan ng problems ni Lord that are beyond you're capabilities because He knows you very well and imagine bago gawin ni satan yung planu nya kay Job nagpaalam muna sya kay Lord , kase alam nya malilintikan sya pag sinaktan nya si Job  ,God love us so much, He is still in control.

What happen next? Satan send all sorts of problem to Job, His livelihood and his business are destroyed, namatayan pa sya ng anak at nagkaron pa sya ng mga boils (pigsa) sa katawan at yung mga kaibigan nya turn him down at kung ikaw si Job? Anu gagawin mo? Sunod sunod na plague ang dumating sa buhay mo? Ang hirap sagutin di ba? (^_^)

You know what's amazing? Still Job remain faithful to God and he still serve God and he trust God so much that he know that he has a faithful God that will deliver him.

Iniisip mo siguro ngayon parang hindi naman tao si Job, paanu nya nagawa yun in spite of all his suffering? at kung babasahin mo ang book of Job makikita mo dun na Job ask God why all that stuff happen and he even complaint to God and sometimes he is angry and that's normal because we are a emotional human being but in spite of all, Job still chose to remain faithful to God.

God replace what's lost to Job twice and God prosper Job and He gave him beautiful sons and daughter and God bless Job so much because of his faithfulness to God.

Imitate the faithfulness of Job and maybe you go through trials right now and you don't understand why God allow it and like what Job did ,Just remain in God, remain faithful, and trust Him more and I believe kung anu yung ginawa ni Lord kay Job He can also do it in your life!

He is a God that are so merciful and everything that happen in your life has a purpose and believe that one day God will surprise you with an abundant blessing because you remain faithful to him and Believe that behind your suffering lies a treasure box.

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