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These are the Reason Why Most Lottery Winner Went Broke

Meron muna ako gusto i-kwento pang-yayari sa buhay ko para mas ma-explain ko sayo yung main message ko dito sa article na to.

I'm editing one of my website for one of the affiliate products that I'm promoting, it was a busy day for me and i'm thinking for effective marketing strategy and also to give valuable information to my subscriber.

Hindi ko napansin yung website or blog na ine-edit ko ay etong main blog ko mismo at ang worst yung mismong HMTL ang na- edit ko at kung wala kang background about Html or computer programming eto yung parang foundation ng bahay mo andun lahat ng mga importanteng details sa website mo.

Unfortunately! I click the save button!

At nung pag view ko, dun ko lang nalaman na ang na edit ko ay etong main blog ko mismo!!

OUCH!!! ArgggGgggggggg!!!

hindi ko alam yung mararmdaman ko halos manghina tuhod ko! (~_~)

Naramdaman mo na ren ba to , na meron kang ginawang project na pinaghirapan mo at pinagpuyatan mo ng ilang buwan or years and then all of the sudden bigla na lang nawala!

As an Online Entrepreneur ang blog or website namen ang nagsisilbing main office namen at napaka importante neto sa business namen lahat ng gusto namen sabihin sa mga client or customer namen is through our website at kaya kung mawala to ay maapektuhan talaga yung business namen and I'm sure kung katulad din kita na Online Entrepreneur makaka relate ka saken.

Bigla na lang ako napayuko "Lord bakit naman ganito" :((

I want to whine that time and to complain, mag-wala, humagulgol at gusto ko nga ren mag mura eh!

Helow tao lang tayo, may emosyon tayo ..

But I try to control my emotion and to be calm and to think of the solution.

Kesa maging reactive ako, I should become Proactive.

Kung nagawa ko nuon , I know magagawa ko to uli ngayon kaya ang ginawa ko , I work on it starting from scratch and I do editing again fixing the html and tweaking my website.

Holaah!! What took me almost 1 year building my blog; I just build it again for 6 hours only! Thanks be God!! (^_^)

Hindi ako makapaniwala na nagawa ko mabalik lahat yun and when I was starting on this industry I don't know anything about doing website, blogging and I was totally newbie in this business.

What I do is, I study a lot and watching training videos, and reading books and I apply what I've learned.

Na-realize ko bakit  nagawa kong ma- build ulit ang website ko ng 6 hours ay dahil sa mga knowledge at wisdom na natutunan ko.

Nawala man yung una kong ginawa, hindi naman nawala yung mga wisdom na natutunan ko at naging mas better pa yung nagawa ko.

Alam mo ba study says that even you take away and remove all the possession , money , cars , houses , investment , businesses of all the successful people in the world at kung maging back to zero uli sila , you know what will happen?

This information may shock you!

In just a span of 2-3 years kaya nilang ibalik lahat ng nawala sa kanila at pwede pa nila malagpasan yung mga na-achieve nila nuon and it is because of all the wisdom, knowledge and experience that they already have.

Grabe nuh, I was stun nung nalaman ko to...

"It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do on what happen to you"

Dahil sa mga natutunan nila in their journey at pati na ren yung mga failures nila nakapag build sila ng malalim na foundation kung anu sila ngayon at sobrang na build nila ang sarili nila.

The reason why most lotto winners after 5 years become broke again at mas naging worse pa yung buhay nila compare sa dating buhay nila ay dahil hindi nila kayang i-handle yung millions of peso na napanalunan nila.

Hindi nila alam kung anu gagawin sa napaka-laking pera na yun at nalulula sila dahil hindi pa sila nakakahawak ng ganung kalaking pera at kaya ang thinking nila unlimited at hindi na yun mauubos.

Ang mindset nila ay puro gastos at puro luho and then one day magugulat na lang sila naubos na lang ng parang bula yung napanalunan nilang million, ang tawag dito ay "One Day Millionaire"

Sadly, this is true and you can search this on Google just type "lotto winners" and you will find many story like this at hindi kase sila nakapag build ng tamang foundation how to handle their money.

Story of Calie Rogers

At 16, Callie was the youngest person ever to win the lottery in the United Kingdom, and her inexperience was sadly evident in the way she managed her money. Today she has nowhere near the 1.9 million pounds she was awarded in 2003 when she was just 16 years old. She blew the money on plastic surgery, drugs and parties. Now 26, Rogers says she is much happier, and is studying nursing. Her wealth drove her to despair, she has since reported, and at her lowest point she even attempted suicide. As of last year her net worth totalled no more than 2,000 pounds.

Story of Larah and Robert Griffith

Everything seemed to go wrong for this couple after they won 1.8 million pounds in the lottery. It wasn’t just their bank accounts that were in shambles; their marriage was in shambles, too. The couple bought a fancy new house, but that ended up being gutted by a fire. Lara bought designer handbags and Robert blew money on a Porsche. Then one day Robert’s Porsche was missing and he was gone, too. He had left his wife after she accused him of infidelity. He now, reportedly, has 7 pounds to his name and is taking handouts from his parents.

Yan lang yung mga ilan sa mga nanalo sa lottery na nagging miserable ang buhay nila , you can read more story of lottery winners who went broke from this website –

Why successful people are successful? Is because of the Knowledge and wisdom that they have.

Kaya tama ang kasabihan na "ang edukasyon ang tangi mong kayamanan at walang sinu man ang makakapagnawak nyan sayo" That is your true wealth.

Many of us think that your wealth is your material possession like money, cars, houses, Jewelries . etc..

You know all these thing is just the end result of what is inside of you.

It is the person that you become because of all the experience that you've been through in life.

kaya minsan kung may nababalitaan kang magaling na businessman na na-bankrupt after mga ilang taon lang magugulat ka na lang nakabangon sila ulit. 

That is because of the foundation na meron sila bilang isang businessman at kaya nilang ulitin yung resulta na nakuha nila at higitan pa.

Tandaan mo lahat ng mga na experience and learning at pagkakamali mo sa buhay yan ang magiging baon mo to become successful in life and God will never waste anything lahat ng mga pinagdaanan mo ay may dahilan kung bakit mo kelangan pagdaanan yun, maybe God is teaching you a lesson at meron syang gustong I-impart na wisdom sayo na magagamit mo to catapult you to success.

Nakakatuwa lang dahil sa experience kong yun at eto nakagawa ako ng article to bless and inspire you :)

Every experience in your life either good or bad there's always an important lesson that you can learn, treasure it my friend!

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