Monday, March 2, 2015

How I Encounter God in the Jeepney?

I'm on my way at The Feast (a catholic prayer meeting) , I was in the jeepney , napansin ko yung lalake na nakaupo sa tabi ng driver he was looking at the mirror and he kept smiling on the mirror na kala mo nakiki-pagusap sya sa sarili nya , yung ngiti nya kala mo nakakita sya ng gwapong lalake (^_^)

Then he continue to look on the mirror of the jeep and i observe him and then bigla ko na lang nasabi sa sarili ko na pabulong "nakakatatawa naman tong lalake na to gwapong gwapo sa sarili nya :)) " hehe 

Marami ka bang nakikita na katulad neto yung nakaupo sa tabe ng driver kung saan andun yung salamin? (^_^)

Uyy aminin baka isa ka dito , hehe

You know what happen next? 

I just felt God speak to me , sabe nya, "ganyan ka din kaya pag sumasakay ka sa harapan ng jeep :)

That time gusto ko talagang tumawa ng malakas , kase totoo yun haha , I had a funny moment with the Lord that morning.

Pero hindi dun natatapos yung conversation ko sa kanya, pero just to clarify, baka isipin mo na when God speak it’s like an audible voice na rinig na rinig mo , parang boses na bumaba sa langit hehe, God can do that if He want but God can speak to you in many different way, that time He gave me an impression in my heart and I know He's the one who speak to me.

Then He continue to speak to me, sabe nya "Pero alam mo adrian ganyan din ako because when I look at you para ko na ren tinitignan ang sarili ko sa salamin and I do it 24/7 every single hour, every single minute, every single seconds I'm crazy looking and watching you and I will never stop doing that because I love you" 

That message blown me away! Really! How can somebody like me look like Him?? He is God! Helloow?? Mali yata pagkakadinig ko.

Pero ang linaw eh.. yun talaga yung sinabi nya saken and i felt peace that time.

As I reflect, you know God’s message to me is true because the bible says that "we are made by his own image and likeness” (Genesis 1:27) so every time He looks at us He sees himself.

You know we have a God that are so obsess with you because you are His masterpiece, you are beautiful and perfect in God's eyes but sometimes because of the standard that we impose on this world we look down on ourselves and also because of the negative things that other people told to you "pangit ka”, "bobo ka”, "wala kang kwenta”, "mahirap ka lang"

It’s so easy to become discourage if we believe on those words, you know words are very powerful and what you hear and believe can determine your future it is prophetic, Do not believe on those lies, those negative people around you because they don't have the right to do that, ONLY GOD has the authority to define you.

Whatever mistakes failures and sins you have done in your life , God has the final say , the Good news is He loves you unconditionally , He loves you even in your darkest and shameful area of your life and He's telling you right now that when He looks at you He see an amazing and wonderful person full of hope!

Do you believe that God is perfect? If you believe that, do you think God will create you by mistake? Of course not! Ginawa ka ng Dyos dahil may plano syang maganda sa buhay mo , when everybody around you give up on you , God will never give up on you, you are His mirror , you are a beautiful person.

God can speak to you in every circumstances of your life, katulad nung lalake nakita ko sa Jeep, God use it to speak to me and the privilege to share His message to the world!

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