Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What are The Two Type of Risk in Business?

Whether you like it or not jumping into any kind of business has a risk and you need to accept it and to be an entrepreneur you need to understand that you will face many challenges.

kasama talaga yun, di ba para makahanap ka ng trabaho eh kelangan makatapos ka ng 4 years course at para paswelduhin ka lang ng minimum wage eh pinaghihirapan mo pa nga eh.

Tapos papasok ka ng Business and you want to earn big amount of money tapos mag e-expect ka na magiging madali lang ang lahat? Hellloooow??? :)

I remember when I first jump into business akala ko nuon magiging madali na lang ang lahat kase that time I was an employee and I'm also into sales.

I thought na kahit may alam na ako sa sales eh mapaptakbo ko ng maayos ang business ko pero I was wrong!

I failed miserably in my business and I almost give up but thanks be to God , He send me a mentor that guide me and I realize if you want to grow and succeed in life you must willing to take risk , you must willing to go out on your comfort zone.

The most successful people in the world are a risk taker! They are bold and unstoppable especially in achieving their dreams. Hindi sila smusuko at willing silang harapin ang risk kaya nga may saying na “No Pain No Gain" 

Most of us when we hear the word "Risk" ang naiisip na naten kagad eh negative ayaw na naten sumubok especially in business but you know there are TWO KIND OF RISK and that is Reasonable Risk and Un-Reasonable.

Unreasonable Risk

Most of us ang akala naten na pag may malaking capital or puhunan na tayo pwede na tayo magtayo ng business ang karamihan kase na nangyayari sa iba when they see a business that are so profitable ang nasa isip nila na pag sinimulan din nila ang ganung business eh kikita din sila agad without any experience in business especially if they've been in employment for many years.

Then what will happen if they will start that business? 

They fail and lose their hard earn money at ang masakit pa dito eh ginamit yung buong retirement fund nila and this are the case of most people that failed in their chosem business, they take risk but it is so unreasonable kung isusugal mo lahat ng pera mo sa isang negosyo na wala kang alam at eto yung Risk na wag na wag mong gagawin!

Reasonable Risk

Business mentors and experts will advise you to do this kind of Risk, why?

For example you've been an employee for 20 years and the company gave you a huge amount of money when you retire and you're planning to start a business.

Yes you will still take risk but you will lessen you're risk, how?

Ang i-invest mo lang na pera para simulan ang business mo ay yung pera na kaya mong mawala sayo kahit malugi ka or kung hindi man kumita ang business mo, kase 80% who start their businesses fail within the first 18 months!

Alam ko na nasa isip mo , siguro tinatanung mo saken ngayon "Eh kaya nga ako mag-nenegosyo para kumita, hindi para malugi " Yes tama ka! :) pero yun kase yung statistics eh 8-10 fail nalulugi at nagsasara.

Masakit sya pero kahit na hindi kumita yung business mo at kahit na nag risk ka hindi naman naubos yung pera na naipon mo at yung yung galing sa retirement fund mo , Kase nilabas mo lang yung percentage na kaya mong mawala sayo.

Kaya i really believe in Network Marketing because you can start your business in just a low capital and you can possibly earn good profit and also the companies provide free training in their distributor and mentors that can guide you, for me this is one of the best business model nowadays.

It is so important that you have mentors along the way; mentors that will coach you in your business and will guide you by that you will lessen you're disappointments and failure.

Kase ituturo ng mentor mo sayo yung daan para hindi mo na ma experience yung mga pagkakamali na nagawa nila, tama? Sabe nga diba "learn from other people experience"

Mentors will teach us the right route to shorten our learning curve , they will give us the way to the path of success and you must also do your part , you must willing to learn , you must read a lot and attend seminars and listen to your mentors attentively , you must put it in your heart.

You know being into business is very challenging and taking RISK is just part of it! Kasama talaga yun, if you will never learn to take risk in your life you will never grow! Pero it doesn't mean na banat ka lang ng banat , syempre wag mong gagawin yun.

Pero you will Risk wisely and for me deciding to be entrepreneur is the best choice that you will make in your life because you will attain freedom but you must willing to pay now for a while and play later , business is not for everybody this only for those people that are willing to take risk.

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