Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What are the 3 Steps of Faith?

Since you are conceive by the womb of your mother God already put a seed of dreams in your heart and it is not coincidence that you have that desire right now.

I want you to know if that dreams are rooted on love and not on selfish ambition most probably it is came from God but if that ambition is came from greediness and to hurt other obviously it is not from God

So it is every important to discern that dreams, to know what's the purpose behind that ambition and dreams.

If you are already clear on what you want in life and you believe with all your heart that it is God who planted that dreams in your life.

I want to congratulate you :) why? Not all people are bless to discern and to know their true purpose in life and it is one of the epidemics in this world.

Most people when you ask them? What do you want in life? What's your purpose? And they will answer you with a blank stare in their face like a zombie.

John Maxwell quotes this, "The greatest things that can happen in your life is the day that you are born and the day you know the reason why you are born"

But there’s a BIG GAP between you and your dreams and that gap is hindering you to achieve your dreams , maybe that gap is financial problem, health problem, or relational problem and it is haunting you down and it paralyze you to move towards your dreams.

You need to step and to move towards that dreams and I will share to you today the 3 steps of Faith, the first one is.

You Need to SEE

This is the first step that you need to do you must first SEE your dreams and your Purpose in life , you need to know what you want in life , you must be clear on the things you want in life.

You must see it first before you achieve it.

For example when you want to go to a fast-food because you are hungry you will search first where is the nearest fast food on that place or you may search on Google map :) to find your favorite restaurant :) right?

I suggest like what I do, I wrote down all the things I want in life I titled it "Adrian dreams, purpose and ambition in life" and I wrote down almost 100 on my dream list and I read it every day.

Just go on a quiet place where there are no distractions, it is just between you and God then pray to God to guide you and to give you the discernment to know your purpose , then start writing.

This may take a while and along the way on your journey you can able to see clearly your purpose and whenever an impression enter in your mind just write it on a paper or in your CP, just like what I do.

This first step is not enough because even if you already see it and visualize it, it is not enough and some people stop on this first step.

They just visualize the things they want and they expect to attract all the resources and the right people in their life without doing anything.

They picture God like a BIG VENDO MACHINE because they will just enter the exact coin and Holllaaah! Their dreams will pop up in front of their face without doing anything!

It’s a nuts to think like that, seeing your purpose is important and visualizing your dreams but you need to take another step which is.

You Need to SOW

We are govern by the law of the Farm and it means that before you reap you must Sow.

You need to take massive action, you need to jump off on your comfort zone and step on your courage zone.

You need to sow and sow, to dig and to dig.

You must do the necessary action to achieve on your dreams; you need to do your best, to maximize your gift and your potential in life that God has given you.

You need to plant seed in your field of dreams because there are no such things as instant.

You need to work hard on that dreams, you need to sweat on that dreams.

First step is to SEE, second Step is to SOW, knowing this two step is great but some people stop here and they give up on their dreams because they get tired and feel exhausted.

They do the right thing and they take massive action but they don't see any result on what they do.

They hit the wall because they don't know the 3rd step towards that dreams which is...

To Surrender to God

You need to let God be your God in your life because even if you know your dreams and purpose in life, still God has the best version on that dreams.

I believe that God will not reveal everything in you because He is a God of surprises and He wants to surprise you and to wow you.

God will give you just a preview and a trailer of that dreams.

I remember the story of Joseph the dreamer, God gave him dreams that he will become the head of his family and he will lead them.

But unfortunately his 10 brothers was envy on him because he is the favorite son of Jacob and that cause his brother to sold Joseph to become a slave in Egypt.

Then Joseph become a slave to Potiphar’s house and because Joseph was very talented and he has a charisma the wife of Potiphar try to seduce him but Joseph resist it and she was insulted because someone like Joseph ignore her.

She make such a story to Potiphar that Joseph plan to rape her , then Joseph was put in jail for almost 2 years and he was very discourage and depress because he thought he will become the head of his family but the circumstances are not working on his favor.

God has a better plan , then one day Pharaoh had a dream and no one can interpret and one prisoner that has set free knew Joseph that he can interpret dreams because Joseph interpret his dreams that he will become a freeman and will serve pharaoh , he will become a cup bearer of pharaoh.

Joseph was set free after two long years and interprets the dreams of pharaoh and you know what happen to Joseph after he interprets it?

Pharaoh promoted him to become the governor of Egypt, he's power is 2nd to pharaoh! Amazing!

He dream to be the head of his family but God made Joseph to be the head of Egypt to save Egypt and other nation into famine.

Is God is so great? :) You must learn to surrender to God and to allow him to do amazing things in your life.

You must be open to God's way on your life because the bible say's this that "His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts is higher than our thoughts"

Yes we need to see our dreams in life and to sow on that dreams but the end of the day it is still God who will full fill that dreams in His perfect time.

Do your best and God will do the rest.

God has a better version of your dreams and you must learn to surrender and trust God and following this 3 step on how to achieve your dreams can radically change your life, do these 3 steps now and God will surprise you in an amazing way beyond your wildest dreams.

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