Saturday, January 17, 2015

Important Lesson from Pope Francis Visitation in the Philippines

Philippines are so bless to be visited by our Beloved Pope Francis A.K.A Jorge Mario Bergoglio, some call him “The Radical Pope”, “The Rock star Pope”, “The Peoples Pope” ang dameng bansag sa kanya because of all his works and action that shock the whole world because many times he break the protocol of Vatican and he does things that has never been done by a pope.

Breaking a protocol or rules are sometimes good for us to GROW and one of the most I admire about our Pope is that he priorities’ and love the poorest of the poor in our society that’s why he choose the name of St. Francis of Assisi he is such an humble man.

Philippines are so bless that our Pope Decide to visit Filipino’s at ang mas nakaka bless dun ay hindi sya mismo ang may gusto na magpunta dito and he decide to go here because he wants to show mercy and compassion to those people who are devastated by the typhoon Yolanda.

He is a Pope that has compassionate heart and he really empathize in us and all Filipinos are so excited to see him here in the Philippines , alam mo yun , halos lahat ng pinoy eh naka-tututok sa kanilang television to wait for the plane that carry Pope Francis to land here in the Philippines.

Yung iba naman eh lumabas sa kanilang bahay at matyagang naghintay sa daan ,kahit sobra tagal pa at maiinit andun sila to wait for the motorcade of Pope Francis and when the plane was landed here in the Philippines , were so excited to see him going down the stair of the airplane.

It was very dramatic when Pope Francis came here and it was really a mix emotions for all the Filipino, some are cried, some are so stun and some really shout their voice in the air to welcome our pope and all of the bell of the church here in the Philippines started to clang to welcome our dear pope. 

It was a very warm welcome to Pope Francis at nakita talaga ng buong mundo who we really are, a Filipino who’s heart is to seek God, to seek Jesus through Pope Francis it was like a Shepherd Visiting his sheep and to give us new fresh air and inspiration for all of us Filipino.

You know I’m so bless because I can able to see him in one of his activity in the MOA ARENA because our community in the light Jesus family gave us a ticket and I was surprise because my plan is just to watch him on TV kase nga ang dameng tao.

Pero merong ibang plano si Lord and I was so excited to see him in person even just a glimpse of his clothes okey na saken yun and I witness in my own eyes a living saint, I witness Jesus on him lalo na yung nag motorcade sya around Moa Arena at huminto yung Pope Mobile nya and he saw a cute baby at kinuha nya yun and he kisses that baby.

Grabe sobra sigawan yung tao! Sobra heartwarming yun and with tears in my eyes I was so inspired and sinabi ko na lang sa sarili ko “I want to be like Him” not as Pope! Of course!!haha, but I want to have a heart like him, a heart to the poor, to the needy, a heart to those who seek love.

At kung anu yung sinasabi sa kanya nung mga tao sa tv , sa internet at yung mga taong malapit sa kanya , how they describe him it confirm me when I saw that on moa arena nung nilapitan nya yung mga matatanda , yung mga may sakit at kapansanan sobrang natural lang sa kanya yun hindi yung pilit kase makikita mo naman yun eh kung galling talaga sa puso.

Pope Francis is a Vicar of Christ and he is the 266 pope when Jesus said to Peter that He would be the rock of the ChurchNow I say to you that you are Peter (which means 'rock'), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it” - Matthew 16:18

He continues what Christ started in this world and Pope Francis made a big contribution in the church “He walk the talk” and we should imitate him. Deciding to be a Follower of Jesus is EASY but to walk with Christ is the HARDEST PART.

Because many people don't like the Cross but if you decide to walk with Christ there are no exemption you must willing to take up your Cross in life every day. I hope in this visitation of Pope Francis in the Philippines you can able to praise and thank God in the moment of your trials and suffering in life because your greatest gift and treasure in life will found there because Jesus is there.

Sana hindi lang tayo maging "Fans" ni Pope Francis but we also become a true Follower of Christ that are willing to take up His/her Cross. You know Philippines is the Only Catholic nation in the World, Eto yung tweet ni Pope Francis sa kanyang Twitter.

Pope Francis really believes on us Filipinos especially on our faith to Jesus, we as Christian we must take this as Challenges for us Filipino to unite us! Because if we are united this nation will become a better place, we can become the Head and not the tail and we can able to fix the problems on poverty and corruptions.

Once again Filipinos made an history in the world the largest people that gather in just one event in the Quirino Grandstand for the Papal Mass and it was more than 7 Million that are present there in spite of rain.

Naniniwala ako that we Filipinos are anointed to become a missionary in this world to influence other people, the passion that we have on our faith and belief, to reach the lost sheep, to save souls and bring Jesus to them and the visitation of Pope Francis here in the Philippines will ignite the heart of Filipinos to draw more closer to God.

Philippines are really bless because we have a Pope that are very compassionate on us Filipinos and I believe he really care for us especially on our families and we should always maintain our “Filipino spirit” and to bring it to the whole world , the Lord has a bigger plan in this country.

This Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis is a sign that God really love us, He care for us and God wants to show His Mercy and Compassion through Pope Francis and his homily on the mass that he Held in tacloban leyte really touches me and many Filipino’s.

Grabe sobra nakakaiyak talaga yung message nya sa mga Victims ng Yolanda at sobra heartwarming and touching talaga yung sinabi nya, damang dama mo na galing sa puso yung sinasabi nya at kahit sinu ka pa kung napakingan mo at napanuod mo yung homily nya sobra tataaman ka kahit na hindi ka victim ng Yolanda.

I believe we’ve all experience Yolanda in our lives, lahat tayo ay may mga superthypoon sa buhay naten, you have Yolanda in your relationship, Yolanda in your finances, Yolanda in your health, in your job and business, Yolanda in your child and on your spouse and it devastated us.

Sobra gumuho talaga ang buhay mo sa mga experience mong yan and you ask the Lord “Why Lord, Why?” at feeling mo you are at the end of your rope and you want to give up? The theme of Pope Francis Visitation here in the Philippines is MERCY AND COMPASSION and it was his message on his homily in tacloban, leyte, you can watch it here.

Kung sa tingin mo nakaranas ka ng Yolanda sa buhay mo or currently you've experience that super typhoons in your life right now I want you to look to Jesus in the Cross and it is a perfect picture of God’s mercy and compassion on us that He is with us on our storm.

He let himself to suffer and die on the cross so that He can understand us; He can understand our pain in life. Jesus does not promise us a comfortable life, hindi nya yun inassure saten because He himself experience it but Jesus promise us that at the end of our pain and struggles in life is our Easter Sunday.

What the enemy has meant for evil God will turn it for Good and those who will endure until the end can reap the reward that are waiting for us. I believe this visitation of Pope Francis can really impact us and to unite Filipino Christian and to bring Jesus to everyone.

Here are some of Pope Francis Inspiring words  that CUT into my Heart and i'm sure of many Filipino.

"If you Lose the capacity to dream for your family you lose the capacity to Love"

 “To think well. To feel well. To do well”

“God is a God of surprises. Let's allow ourselves to be surprised by God”

“You learned how to give, but you have not learned how to receive. You lack one thing: to become a beggar”

“Real love is about loving and letting yourselves be loved. It is important to let yourselves be loved by Him”

“Jesus cried over the death of a friend. If you don't learn how to cry, you can't be good Christians”

"We are  all God's children"

"Certain Realities in life we only see through eyes that are cleansed by tears"

"Women are capable of seeing things from different angle , with a different eye. women pose questions that we men seek to understand"

"Jesus always goes before you"

"You have a Lord capable of crying with you , walking with you in the most difficult moments of your life"

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