Friday, January 23, 2015

Pope Francis Inspiring Message for the Filipino Youth

One of the indicator whether the church are growing is the present of YOUTH because if there's no youth how can you pass the leadership to continue what the church has started and if this happen our church are going to die kaya sabe ni Dr. Jose Rizal "Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan".

He is true because if you cannot attract the Youth in the Church how can we pass to them the faith and the values that we've learn from Jesus. Kaya nga habang bata pa sila or kung parents kana ren katulad ko we should mold them the values and the teaching that Christ has thought to us the earlier the better.

Nasa kanila ang mga magiging future leader of this country and we should impact them and disciple them because they will become the future Leader of our church. Pope Francis Apostolic Visit here in the Philippines has a great impact on our youth today at nakita naten na ang lakas ng charisma ni Pope Francis especially sa mga kabataan and it is a good indicator for us Christian!

One of the reason why our Pope has a charisma in the youth is because he can able to go in their world, our pope is very flexible in his age to understand the youth, kayang kaya sumabay ni Pope Francis sa mga kabataan sinusundan nya kung anu ba yung nagiging interest ng mga youth ngayon at isa dun ay ang technology naten ngayon.

Especially in the social media today andyan na nakatambay yung mga kabataan naten , kaya anu ginawa ni Pope Francis gumawa sya ng Fb fanpage and Twitter so that He can reach to them and he can able to share the word of Jesus to them at kung titignan mo sobra bombarded ang mga kabataan naten ng mga information that can really affect them.

Especially on their values and it is so dangerous kaya we should go to their world kase kung wala maguturo sa kanila? This world will teach them at kung very observant ka sa mga nangyayari ngayon eh parang hindi maganda influence sa kanila yun especially in the morality, life, faith and even sex.

The Message of Pope Francis is very inspiring talaga at ang galing ng humor ng ating santo papa sa mga youth because when he speak they listen to him and I know he already planted a seed in their heart and someday it will bloom to bless this world at kung hindi mo pa napapanuod yung buong message ni Pope Francis for the Filipino Youth you can watch the video below.

PS. QUESTION? Na bless ka ba sa message in Pope Francis dito? Share it in the comment section below! i love to heart it from you :)

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