Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why Jesus is the Artist of your Life?

Have you ever ask yourself why Jesus choose to be a carpenter and not a Doctor, lawyer or an engineer??

Sa tingin mo ba nagkataon lang yun kase wala sya choice kase si Joseph ay isang Carpenter?

Alam mo palagi ko to paulit ulit na sinasabi na walang coincidence kay Lord. 

He orchestrated everything according to His perfect plan, Pero bakit mas pinili ni Jesus the son of the living God to be a carpenter?

You know why?

I have a wild guest that our God is an ARTIST! Yes! I truly believe on that.

You will see it on His creation, look at the earth, the stars and moon and every planet and galaxy in this world they are so beautiful! Look at the mountains, the hills, the oceans and every living creature in this planet they are so beautiful, hindi na tayo lalayo , face yourself in the mirror and you will see a beautiful person.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made because you are made by the own image and likeness of God, when He first think of you He already see a beautiful plan in your life because our God is an artist, I discover in the time of Jesus ang carpenter nuon hindi sila yung literal na carpenter na gumagawa lang ng bahay.

Yes part yun ng pagiging carpenter but their main masterpiece is to create beautiful furniture’s and crafts at binebenta nila yun. The carpenter does the work and the object in his hand yields to his design. Carpenters have a plan. They take what is common and make it special. Sobra mabusisi talaga sila sa mga ginagawa nila.

That is the profession of Jesus when He was growing up and before He start His ministry, naisip ko tuwing maka-kita si Jesus ng isang kahoy na madumi at wala pang hubog at naka-tambak lang sa isang tabi, Jesus already saw a vision of beautiful craft and furniture’s.

Jesus knew already the purpose of that abandon wood and He chooses to be a carpenter not because He is meek and humble but Jesus is the Artist of your life , Jesus wants to craft you into a beautiful person , when Jesus saw you, He already sees your future.

Kahit sobra dame na ng kasalanang nagawa mo at feeling mo ay hindi kana kayang patawarin ng Dyos, Jesus can still embrace you and He wants to fix your life if you will just allow Him to be the artist of your life dahil pinatunayan nya na yun sayo nung binigay nya ang buhay nya sayo when He is crucified to death!.

Jesus is the master builder of your life , he wants to build that area of your life that you have fallen miserably and depresses you ,maybe it’s your relationship and you are brokenhearted right now, maybe you have a problem in your career and you feel wala ng pinupuntahan ang trabaho mo at hindi ka pa ren na pro-promote.

Maybe your business failed many times and you are bankrupt, you don’t know where you are going. Hindi mo na alam gagawin mo and you are so desperate to find a solution on your problem.

Alam mo kung yan ang sitwasyon mo ngayon that is the perfect time that you allow Jesus to fix you , to BUILD you because He is a master builder and he can raise dead into life! He can turn your Mess into Message, your trials into Triumph, your Test into Testimony, you’re ashes into beauty and if you are a victim you will be a victor.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17 

God doesn't count you’re sins and your mistake because he is your prodigal father and his love for you is relentless and he can forgive whatever sins you've done because his love is bigger than your sin, just humble yourself to God and admit on yourself that you’re nothing without Him.

If you’re in a dark tunnel of your life right now and you don’t see any lights and hope in your future, at gusto mo ng sumuko sa buhay mo at wala kana nakikitang magandang nangyayari sayo, I want you to GIVE UP NOW!! Yes I want you to GIVE UP your life to Jesus! Give up everything to him, isuko mo lahat ng plano ng buhay mo sa Dyos.

Allow Jesus to be the artist of your life, allow Jesus to be the master Builder of your future, you will see that pain that you've going trough right now will become your gain and I’m not saying that everything in your life will be going well if you follow Jesus , no! don’t miss-interpret me!

You know most of the times when we decide to take charge everything to God it seems na mas dumadami pa ang mga trials and struggles naten , kase yan yung na experience ko nuon eh , I’m so broken and depress 4 years ago and I don’t know where I will be heading , wala talga ako direction nuon.

I remember when I started to give my life to Jesus , parang mas lumala at mas dumami pa ata problema ko , pero alam mo andyan si Jesus inalalayan nya ako , sinamahan nya ako sa pag iyak ko, sinamahan nya ako sa laban ko and even I fail him many times andyan sya tinatangap ako.

And when I look back in my life 4 years ago, my gosh! Hindi talaga ako makapaniwala panu ko nalagpasan lahat yun but God is so faithful at masasabi ko na lang ngayon thank God that I experience all that trials and tribulation in my life because it makes me a better person!

Right now, I want you to make that decision to journey with Jesus in spite of your challenges and trials in life and you will see 1 year from now, 2 years from now or even 5 years from now you will thank God that He allow you to go through trials in life because it will become the best blessing of your life.

You are God’s masterpiece, you are His monalisa, you are His Pieta, and you are His greatest creation! When He looks at you He is so in love with you, wala kapa ginagawa God is already pleases with you.

There’s a treasure box in your problem, you just need to dig through in life, and your journey will all be worth it my friend because you have Jesus! Kaya nyang ayusin ang buhay mo kahit ikaw pa ang pinaka madumi at makasalanag tao sa mundo :)

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.  Matthew 24:13

"Together Towards Radical Change"

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