Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Persevere and Win in Life?

Alam mo na-realize ko it’s easy to start but it’s so difficult to finish what we've started.

Kahit sinu kaya magsimula ,lalo na kung sobra motivated at inspire ka ,madali lang talaga gawin yun,Di ba?

Pero ang BIG CHALLENGE sateng lahat ay panu kung nawala yung apoy sa puso mo, what if you experience discouragement, rejection from the people around you and they are not supporting you in your dreams? 

Paanu na? How can you FINISH STRONG?


In order to succeed in life we must do the things consistently everyday even if you don’t feel and like it.

Meron akong gusto i-share sayo na powerful talk..

This is all about how to win and persevere in life.

Nung napa-kingan at napanuod ko to, it move my soul and really lifts me up!

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