Sunday, November 9, 2014

How God Answer Your Prayer?

God is our ultimate provider and that is the reason why we pray every day and there are times God answer our prayer exactly what we want, there are times also God answer our prayer not on the version we want but His own version.

There are times also we pray and you feel that God are not listening on your prayer and it takes longer and longer and longer and loooooooooongeeer ,  and your prayer still not answered by God and you feel very frustrated , I experience it in my life, do you? 

Even Jesus Experience it when He walks on earth, the feeling that God turn his back on Him, today I will share to you the things I've learned on one of our seminar in intercessory ministry “ How God answer prayer”.

When your prayers are not right, God will say “NO!”

Siguro na confuse ka dito at tinatanung mo ako, eh di ba our God is “Jehovah jirah? “, the God who provide? ,di ba marami sa mga teaching sa bible, that God is so generous and He wants to give us everything? , tinanung ko din yan sa sarili ko nung narinig ko to.

God will answer our prayer to bless us and to show his unconditional love for us , but SOMETIMES God will say NO to our prayer because He truly love us! Na confuse ka ba? How can God say no if he really love us? , Yes you heard it right!

May mga Dasal tayo na hindi bibigay ni God saten because , He wants to protect us , God is “omniscience” He is all knowing , before ka pa ipanganak alam nya na yung lahat ng mangyayari , alam na ng Dyos pag binigay nya yung pingadadsal mo eh baka mapahamak ka lang .

For example, you’re so in love with this very handsome and rich guy and you pray for him every day, na sana ligawan ka nya at ma-realize nya na gusto ka ren nya, nag novena ka pa, nag 9 days ka pa sa St. Jude at naglakad ka pa ng paluhod sa quiapo and suddenly nagulat ka may ibang nililigawan na pa la tong lalaki na to.

You’re so heart broken and you ask God why?? , bakit hindi nya binigay ang dream guy mo? , then after a couple of years nagulat ka na lang at nabalitaan mo na yung dream guy na pinagdadasal mo , live a miserable life , yung babae na niligawan nya na imbis na ikaw eh napangasawa nya at naghiwilay din sila and he abandoned his family.

Imagine this if God answer you’re prayer at kayo ang nagkatuluyan? Anu sa tingin mo mangyayari sayo? Yes you experience heartbroken for a while but God save you for shedding more tears and to live a miserable life because He loves you so much, he save you on that monster:)

Another thing, God will say No to your prayer because He doesn't want to lose you’re salvation, for example you pray to God almost 5 years or 10 year’s na sana manalo ka sa LOTTO , lahat na ng mga kakilala mo at friends mo tumama na sa LOTTO ikaw na lang hindi :), hehe

God knew if you win that LOTTO instantly , He knows that riches and money can consume you and you will forget Him , sabe nga sa bible “What profit a man even if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul “

I’m not saying God doesn't wants you to be rich, in fact God really want us to live in abundance , pero God knew if you win that money instantly and you’re heart are not prepared , that Money can consume you and make that money your god.

Maybe He wants you to become rich not by winning LOTTO but being an Entrepreneur, God wants you to grow and mold you to become a better person. It is very important to discern our prayer if it is really God’s will on our life.

When you’re not right God will say “Grow”

This applies when you become “Manipulating”, how? , guilty din ako dito eh, because I do this many times in the past , for example you pray to God and you say to him “ Lord tuparin mo yung prayer ko ah kundi hindi ako mag serve sayo” , “Lord pag hindi natupad ang dasal ko hindi na ako magsisimba”.

You bargain to God, I scratch your back you scratch my back :), you pray an immature prayer, how can God be god on your life when you pray that way? , ang dating kasi parang ikaw dapat masunod hindi si Lord, kaya sasabihin sayo ni Lord “Grow”, you need to be matured and to pray selfless prayer.

Hey! It’s ok to God to ask for our own interest to be bold in our prayer, but at the end of the day you let go and let God, to hold on is really to let go! , kaya nga may prayer na “Let your will be done”.

God knows your heart and your true intention, you cannot hide anything to God, and He has the modern CCTV camera in the entire universe! , He knows everything about you, kaya kung ganito ka magdasal “Grow”.

When the timing is not right “SLOW”

You know already your purpose, you already know God’s will for your life and you have the right heart and intention, but there are times the timing is not right. You’re in a hurry and God will say to you “Slow”.

I remember the story of this woman, itago na lang naten sya sa name na Jenny, She really pray hard to God to give him a baby kahit “Isa lang”, so every day she goes to adoration chapel and do a novena there, she kept on praying and praying, then one day her doctor told her that She can’t no longer conceive a baby.

She was so shock what the doctor told her, and She go immediately to adoration chapel and She was very angry to God, and She question God and She pour her emotion, She cry a bucket of tears, naiintidihan ko sya, kahit ako baka ganyan din gawin ko, that’s being a Human, sometimes we need to feel our emotion, not to deny it but to feel it because it is where the healing will take place.

Then this woman say a prayer to God “Father I don’t know why these thing happen at bakit hindi mo binigay saken yung hinhiling ko na anak kahit isa lang but kung san mo man ako dadalin sa situation ko na to your will be done”.

This woman kept on doing the things She do, she always go to adoration chapel and pray to God every day, but this time She pray for those woman that has same situation like her.

Then after one year, her friend called her, an OB Doctor, she has this patient that wanted to abort her baby (this story happen in U.S) legal kase yun dun, then this doctor doesn't want to do that because She was a Christian, that woman told the doctor that “yes, she will no longer abort her baby but she must find a person that will adopt her baby”. So this doctor remember Jenny and ask her, “Would you like to adopt the baby? “

With tears flowing in her cheek, jenny says a resounding YES!! At alam mo nkakagulat that woman carry a twin baby, jenny pray to God for one baby, But God want to give her two babies! Indeed God really knows best!

God promises Jenny to give her a baby, God knows the heart and pure intention of jenny, but the timing is not right, so God said to jenny “Slow I know what’s best, I will not give you one, but I will give you twice!”

When all things are right, God will say “Go!!”

Your prayer is right, you are right, the timing is right, Miracles will happen, answered prayer will happen! Simple as that! :)

Sometime we does not really need to understand things, why it happens that way, why problems and struggles happen in your life, why your prayer are not yet answered, bakit ka pinaghihintay ni Lord?.

You just have to trust God! , you really need to trust him! , God is Love, and His will for you is Love, He knows already your Future, and He say to you right now “for I know the plan I have for you, plan to prosper you and not to harm you but to give you hope and a future”.

Trust him today, tomorrow and forever, allow God to surprise you with a massive blessing in your life, kaya PUSH lang ng PUSH “Pray Until Something Happen!”

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