Friday, September 26, 2014

How to make your MAGIC DREAMS

In this article that i wrote you will learn how to make your MAGIC DREAMS, this are the things that we've learned from Bro Bo Sanchez at the Feast every Sunday at Picc. We wrote our MAGIC DREAMS in a small booklet and we call this “Novena to God’s Love” and every Sunday we lift it up on God and pray about it, because we believe pag marami kase kayo nagdadasal sa mga pangarap mo at desire mo sa buhay the more it will come into reality.

The Bible scripture tell us that “if there are one or two gather in my name i am there in their midst”, kaya wag mo ikahiya ang pangarap mo tell it to the whole world hang out with the dreamer like you and pray for each other dreams because it so very powerful :) here’s how to do your magic dreams.

M- Measurable

Don’t just write “Have a happy family”, write instead, “Have a happy family by having separate weekly dates with my spouse and each child starting august 2007”, and don’t just write, “Have more money”. Write instead, “Earn an additional P10T each moth through a sideline by December 2007”.

A – Ambitious

We use “ambition” without its negative meaning. By “ambition”, we simply mean dreaming big dreams! Small dreams won’t excite you. But even if they’re ambitious, let your dreams also be attainable at the same time.

G – Godly

Never dream from greed or selfish ego. They will make you empty and miserable. Instead, discover the dreams that God has placed in your heart. The fulfillment of these dreams should ultimately help you love God and others more.

I – Imaginative

Put details in your dreams. Make it graphic. Don’t just write, “own a house by 2009’. Describe what a kind of house you want. “Own a two-bedroom white house with a small garden in Laguna by 2009.”

C- Complete

Have dreams that touch the most important aspect of your life: spiritual, family, financial, physical, by succeeding in all areas, you attain life balance.

Reference: Novena to God’s Love

You've now learned how to do your MAGIC DREAMS , Now go get your dreams and ambition in life!, prosper so that you can be a blessing in this world, it’s ok to dream big Dreams as long as it’s not for selfish reason but for other people,

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