Tuesday, August 12, 2014

God will finish what He started on you

Have you ever experience this on your life, when God reveal something on you maybe a Dreams, or a Vision, nung umpisa it work well parang everything fall into places then suddenly on the middle part it’s getting harder and all of the sudden naging magulo na ang lahat and you’ve become confuse, frustrated, and you’re asking yourself “Tama ba yung pagkakarinig ko sayo LORD, i don’t know what to do, why LORD, why??”

Alam mo hindi lang ikaw ang naka experience nyan, I believe in life IT TAKES TIME for everything, ang laki ng influence ng mundo naten ngayon because everything is INSTANT, instant mommy, instant coffee, instant food, instant juice and instant girlfriend! Haha, joke lang.

Pero yun ang nangyayari ngayon at bakit ang dami nabibiktima ng mga Scam ngayon kasi ang mindset naten “instant kita “, papangakuan ka ng malaki interest every month and syempre sinu ba may ayaw nun?, kaya ang dami tao ang kumakagat dahil sa Instant na mindset naten,There are no shortcuts to maturity.

“Everything on earth has its own time and own season” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

When you are born here on earth you started as a baby right? , then you’re on toddler hood next is teenage hood until your adulthood, because you cannot rush everything, if you try to do that you will miss all the learning’s and opportunities that you need, to prepare you for the future, you’re past hurts, failures, bankruptcy, or your broken relationships that you experience panisinin mo lahat yan naging part kung anu ka ngayon as a better person meaning to say nag GROW ka.

When you try to ripen fruit quickly, it loses its flavor, in America yung tomatoes sa kanila usually pinipitas na kahit unripen pa so they won’t bruise during shipping to the store, then bago nila ibenta sa market they sprayed it with CO2 gas to turn red instantly, you know what Gassed tomatoes are edible, but they are no match to the flavor of a vine ripened tomato that is allowed to mature slowly, I know you will also agree with it.

Kung yung tomatoes nga mas masarap kung ripened na , tayo pa kayang mga Tao , God is delight on us and He wants us to grow to be matured and to be responsible sa lahat ng mga gingwa naten , there are no such thing as QUICK FIX , lahat ng mabilis makuha eh yan yung usually madali mawala why? , kase wlang effort eh usually hindi mo yan masyado pinaghirapan kaya minsan hindi naten kayang pahalagahan.

Alam mo ba yung mga nanalo sa lotto most of them become poor again and went bankrupt and worse mas naging mas mahirap pa sila kesa dati, you know why? Because they are so overwhelm with the money they don’t know what to do with that money, ang alam nila is to spend and to buy everything, and they are not prepared on the inside, they don’t have the right attitude and mindset to handle that money so they lose it instantly for just five years.

Alam mo kung ngayon eh parang pinaghihintay ka ng Dyos at parang nothing seems working on your life, I believe God is preparing you for something Big , remember this “God is more concern on the dreamer not on the dream” , you are the Dreamer and God wants you to grow to become a better person and when you are already ripened the blessing and the provision of God will come and whatever trials and storm that you will face hindi ka basta basta matutumba because you’re roots become deeper and deeper because of those experiences that you encounter.

Be patient with God and with yourself, remember this God timetable is not our timetable He knows what best for us , and He sees the bigger picture, God love us so much and He don’t want us to become miserable in life, God is never in a hurry , but he is always on time, He will use your entire lifetime to prepare  you for your role in eternity, lahat ng pinag-dadaanan mo ngayon is a preparation.

God uses long process to develop character, especially in leaders like you, Joseph the dreamer waited for 13 years before he become Governor in Egypt, Abraham waited 25 years before he had a child, Moses waited for 40 years before he start his mission, and Jesus waited for 30 years before He started his ministry, if God is making you wait you’re in good company, one of my favorite verse in the bible by the book of Psalm 46:10 “Be still know that I am GOD”,

I believe  right now God is telling you, whatever trials or sufferings na pinagdadaanan mo ngayon na parang hirap na hirap kana and you want to give up, and nothing is working in your life, people are not believing on you even your parents and your friends at wala kana matakbuhan , God is telling you now “be still know that I AM GOD!” , alam nya ang situation at pinagdadadanan mo ngayon all you have to do is to hang on and Hold on to his promises on your life , He will finish what He started on your life , Great souls are grown through struggles and storms and seasons of suffering, be patient with the process.

Gustong gusto ko tong sinulat ni Paul the apostle before he was persecuted by the romans by preaching the Gospel sa Rome “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.”

Kaya don’t be discourage God is working behind the scene , kaya lagi mo tong sabihin sa sarili mo “Please be patient, God is not finished with me yet” , God is not finish with you, kaya keep moving forward , Trust God  because whatever He reveal on you it will come to pass because God can never lie! , even the snail reached the ark by persevering!

I want to inspire and encourage you more! , I attach a Video talk here by Bro Bo Sanchez at THEFEAST  a catholic prayer meeting held every Sunday at PICC and it’s  about “Finishing strong”

I recorded this video about 4 years ago na :), you know everything happen for a purpose I recorded this video years ago for one big purpose, alam mo kung anu? , para sayo to! , I don’t know where you are right now, your problems and pain but this I know this video will definitely lift you up! Endure to the end! Finish strong!

“God began doing a good work in you, and I am sure he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again” Philippians 1:6

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