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Subtle Attacks against the Family Explained

"The immediate and perhaps most important arena
of lay witness to Christian faith is marriage and the family"
(Pope John Paul II to Filipino Bishops during their "ad limina visit" in Rome, 2003)

Many families today suffer. In spite of their sincere efforts to love and care for their children, parents find it more difficult each day to raise their family. Is the so-called generation gap to blame? Are the television, the internet and the mass media as a whole beyond control, and so are drugs, violence in schools and demonic cults?

Parents and educators generally know that environmental factors affect children negatively. But what exactly are these factors? We need to pinpoint them, if we are to protect the family. A vague idea of these attacks against the family will not suffice to correct the family's deteriorating situation today.

As its title suggests, SAFE discusses under seven main modules (see below) the subtle attacks against family and life. How come foreign agencies want to decrease our country's population, when in their own countries they give all sorts of subsidies to mothers, just to encourage them to have more children? 

United Nations projections show that the Philippine population will go below fertility replacement levels by the year 2025. How does New Age attempt to exalt the person's divinity, to the extent of making us believe that we are gods? Is it truly "values education" to ask children in class how they feel about the statement, "parents are old-fashioned and do not really understand the needs of their children", or the statement, "parents who neglect their children should also be neglected when they grow old"? 

Why do movies, TV programs, books and advertisements almost always portray families with only two children? How and why are grade school children taught that contraceptives and abortion are future options for them? How are pornography and violence subliminally (aside from explicitly, of course) expressed in the mass media?

By explaining thousands of subtle attacks, and by explaining how the family should really be according to human nature and God's plan, SAFE allows parents and their collaborators in Church and society to understand better the difficulties families face today. True enough, human weakness and defective social structures contribute to their problems. 

But many other difficulties are caused by programs intentionally designed to weaken the family, and implemented, so to speak, right under our noses. Knowing their mechanisms will let families defend themselves and counterattack. Family and life apostolates, parishes, schools, organizations and other entities multiply the effectiveness of their existing programs once they identify and manage the subtle attacks against the family, when they are no longer held back by these formerly unseen obstacles.

SAFE empowers leaders from all sectors of the Church and society to meet the challenges faced by the Filipino family today, particularly by avoiding and overcoming these subtle attacks, and by proactively eradicating them. SAFE heeds the Church's call to prioritize the family and life in its pastoral mission, and contributes to a renewal of morality in Philippine society by promoting and defending its basic unit.

SAFE is not an organization in itself, but a program serving existing organizations, and which can be perfectly adapted to different circumstances and needs.

SAFE draws inspiration from His Eminence, Jaime L. Card. Sin's Pastoral Letter, Subtle Attacks against Family and Life (July 9, 2001). The program responds to the January 2001 National Pastoral Consultation on Church Renewal's call to prioritize family and life in the Church's pastoral mission, and continues in the spirit of the Fourth World Meeting of Families held in Manila last January 2003.  SAFE Seven Main Modules

Demography and the Overpopulation Hoax

Reveals the real state of world population: population below replacement level in 100 countries & the Philippine population within 10 yrs; the reality of falling fertility rates in the Philippines in contrast to the propaganda of overpopulation; consequences of low fertility rate on market, labor, & pension; double loss of Philippine population through decreasing births and recruitment of Filipino professionals to fill up the missing labor force in other countries; 

Incentives in Canada, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and other countries for couples to increase their number of children; Kissinger's NSSM 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security & Overseas Interests (1974) as the basis for imposing aggressive population control programs; the controversial bills seeking to curb Philippine population.

New Age, an Anti-Christ Spirituality

The idea of a "New Age" based on astrology; the end of the Age of Pisces (Christ) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius which would have its own savior; the rise and development of a self-centered spirituality; the God in me replaces the God in heaven; the idea of God as a cosmic energy or force replacing the idea of a loving, personal God who loves us and desires our salvation; relativism & license in the name of maturity & self-discovery; some practices associated with New Age.

Sex Ed and Hidden Dangers in the Classroom

The proper approach to education based on family values; the sex education curriculum patterned after utilitarian and materialistic values; how sex ed is designed to weaken parental authority and guidance; biological sex education in schools that fosters promiscuity through moral and sexual desensitization from the earliest levels; sex education & the development of a contraceptive mentality; anti-family attitudes; the real motives behind sex ed; International Planned Parenthood Federation. 

Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality Sexuality in its proper perspective; the body & its purpose; the biological and non-biological aspects of sexuality; the twin aspects of biological sexuality and the consequences of separating these two; nonbiological or relational sexuality as a lasting expression of love; man & woman as complements and endowed with equal personal dignity; conjugal love as the merger of the human and the divine; sexuality & the family; marriage and same-sex unions; love as the fundamental vocation of every person; chastity, abstinence and fidelity as an expression of love.

Mass Media and the Family

The different forms of mass media and their proper function in society; the extent and scope of media influence today; the rise of entertainment in media and the battle for profits; the use of sex and sexual imagery to capture the audience; the phenomenon of media as replacement to the authority in society and in the home; the hidden messages in media and advertisements; the values promoted in media and ads; the effects of pornography on the individual, on the family, and in the community; the effects of violence in entertainment.

Attacks on the Gospel of Life

Responsible parenthood; the critical difference in defining the beginning of life; the global agenda for "reproductive health" as an anti-life campaign; the drive to make abortion a reproductive right; effects of abortion on the woman's physical and psychological health; contraceptive methods and abortifacients; cancer & infection risks of abortion & contraception; 15% condom failure leading to the spread of AIDS and venereal diseases; contraception and abortion as a consequence of promiscuity, sex outside of marriage, hedonistic lifestyles; natural methods near 100% effective; abstinence as an expression of love and marital growth.

The Family in God's Plan

The nature of marriage; fidelity, permanence and openness to life as the lasting foundations of marriage; the spouses as ministers of the sacrament and their vocation to conjugal love; the importance of preparation for marriage; the need for on-going formation of spouses; the redemption of man being coursed through the family; the family as the domestic church; the family as the organizational model of the Church; marriage and celibacy in the service of the Church; the sincere "language" of marital intimacy in God's plan.

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