Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why Filipinos are the Greatest Salesman in the World?

Medyo Bias ba ako sa title ko? hehe , syempre naman pinoy tayo eh :) , hehe, kidding aside, pero i truly believe that with all my heart.

kahit ikaw i'm sure you will also agree with me , we are the best salesman in the world may malaman nga lang tayo bago gadget, damit, or movies na maganda , trending agad sa Fb, twitter, or instagram yan! todo promote na tayo. 

Tama o tama? haha, tayo mga Pinoy sobra galing naten pagdating dyan. But Most people that i know has negative perception about selling, hindi raw nila linya, hindi raw sila marunong mag convince, mahirap daw , nakakahiya daw, haha at kung anu anu pang reasons.

Actually nung una ako ren may ganyan din akong pananaw about sales, hindi ko forte yan, anu ba alam ko dyan I’m a nurse , worst mahiyain pa haha :),

You know what I realize that in reality EVERYBODY sells in life! Yes it’s true!

Everybody, all the time, it’s our lifestyle, even if they don’t know it, It’s just hidden under different words and terms like persuading, influencing, helping people to understand, etc.

Every day we sell in our lives, you want proof? We sell when we suggest to our friends where to take a road trip, what movie to watch or where to take a vacation to our families. We sell in job interviews, we sell in the workplace when we want to implement a new idea or proposal, we sell when we try to get capital from investors to start our own businesses, we even sell kahit pag may mga date ka eh sang resto kayo kakain san kayo papasyal, etc :) , think about it, tayo mga Pinoy magaling dyan eh :),

Sa mga example na binigay ko, selling permeates all areas of our lives, The first barrier to overcome when it comes to selling is to get any negative perceptions about selling out of your mind. 

There’s nothing wrong or sleazy about selling. True, there are some salesmen out there who give it a bad name eto yung masyado pushy lahat ng pang Hype or mag take advantage sa tao gagawin basta makabenta lang, even lie to the customer tsk, tsk, but selling is honorable, especially if it helps other people.

That’s the correct mindset to have when it comes to selling. You want to help other people by showing them exactly how what you are proposing, in other words what you’re selling, will help them.

Isa sa nakikita ko reason why people don’t like selling is FEAR OF CHANGE :), people naturally resist change. Change is scary. It’s uncomfortable. It puts a kink in the routine, but that’s not to say that people will never embrace change.

People will only change when the added value of the change is clearly shown to them.
Your job is to sell that change by clearly showing exactly what that added value is.

Clarity cannot be stressed enough here. Clarity is so important in sales. You have to be able to clearly answer questions other people think of such as:

“What’s in it for me?

Why should I?

What’s the added value?”

After the pitch is given, people will naturally still try to resist by coming up with objections as they’re not completely sold yet.

Anticipate those objections and answer them, normal lang tlga yun , it means meron pa sila un answered question sa mga utak nila.

This brings up one of the main ideas about selling and that is that half the battle in selling is preparing.

Prepare your approach, your message, your delivery, your counters to the objections you know will come up, and the best way to do this is simply to put yourself in the other person’s shoes,

See things from their point of view, see what questions they might come up with, see what their reactions to your current “pitch” will be and adjust accordingly.

All that could be labeled as the “technical” side of selling.

There’s another side to selling that’s usually not given enough weight and that is simply the ability to interact with people.

Yung mga taong parang normal lang sa kanila ang pakikipagusap sa iba especially us Filipino and they are the best salesman, They’re very knowledgeable when it comes to conversation and seeing what the hidden meanings are in certain expressions that are said.

The kind of signals that certain types of body language sends, they understand how to build rapport, they understand human nature, they’re able to easily relate and all those things combined give selling that “soft” touch that really helps seal the deal.

This is importance because it ties into another side of selling that can really help and that is simply working on yourself.

When you work on yourself, selling becomes a whole lot easier.

Work on yourself by developing your social skills, your conversation skills, your ability to identify the hidden meanings behind things said or done by other people. Be responsible. Deliver what you promised on time. Be dependable. Keep your word. Brand yourself as someone who is trustworthy and reliable and that will make selling on your part, a heck of a lot easier in the future.

People will listen less to your “pitch” and more to “you” as a whole. The only catch to this is that it takes time and rightfully so and that it’s a whole lot easier said than done as well.

The best salesmen out there are the ones who genuinely want to help other people and express their desire to do so through careful preparation, clarity of delivery, and consistency in following through with the help. People will usually pick up on that and the rest will flow naturally.

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  1. Great Inspiring story bro. Adrian. I know you can fulfill your dreams with God's help bro. because of your dedication and commitment in serving the Lord and I know that you want God to bless you because it is also your desire to bless other people.
    I see your passion and potential in Marketing Industry. I believe God will surely bless you. Stay humble my friend.

    your brother in Christ,
    Alex - thelonelydreamer