Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Different Seasons in Our Life

Tuwing summer eto yung time of outdoor activity and outing with our family, eto na ren yung time to bond and to have quality time to the most important person in our life which is our family, recently I had a wonderful outing with my family and we went to San Juan Batangas grabe na amaze ako sa pinuntahan naming lugar it’s a wonderful place to relax and to unwind because of beautiful beaches kaya I really like summer :), ikaw kamusta ang iyong summer? :)

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

- Ecclesiastes 3:1

You know napansin ko sa buhay naten may mga different season din, like autumn, winter, spring, rainy season at ang pinaka gusto naten sa lahat are summer kase eto yung pinaka masaya season, there are times in our life were into season of mourning, season of sadness, season of pain, pero meron din namang seasons of laughter , joy and rejoicing.

I don’t know what season that you’re experiencing right know maybe you’re waiting for you summer, your waiting that your sadness and trial will come to pass, but I truly believe that seasons in your life will surely come to pass.

Pati nga ang Holy Rosary may different season’s din di ba joyful ang una then follow by sorrowful then the Glorious mystery, kung mapapansin mo nasa gitna ang sorrowful and after nya is glorious.

What’s my point? in every problems and challenges that were facing God is telling us in the midst of our storm He promises us that he will be with us and we will finish the race and the task strong and victorious for His glory.

Familiar ka ba sa “Metamorphosis?”, kung ngayon mo lang narinig yung term na to, eto yung tinuturo saten nung bata pa tayo ng mga teacher naten how the caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly, may nabasa ako article how this metamorphosis happen, ang alam lang kc naten nung bata pa tayo na ang caterpillar pag lumaki na butterfly na sya , tama? :)

Pero alam mo when the caterpillar crawl into a tree and transform himself as a cocoon dun na magaganap ang pinakamahirap na part ng buhay nya , it’s either “He make himself as a butterfly or break himself and die”, para maging butterfly yung isang cocoon kelangan nya pagkasyahin yung sarili nya sa napakaliit na butas para makalabas sya sa cocoon to become a butterfly. 

Kung hindi nya gagawin yun he will be forever on that cocoon and die there ,ang only option nya lang is to push himself to the limit and to endure the pain that he will experience that uncomfortable process so that he will release himself on that cocoon and to become a beautiful butterfly and fly high.

Whats the moral lesson of that story that I share to you? , maybe you’re on a mountain of problem’s right now, maybe you’re on a storm , you have financial problems, or your doctor tell you that you have this severe disease , or nagkakagulo ang pamilya mo ngayon or your marriage are on the midst of separation. 

You’re on your cocoon right now, you’re on the season of depression , you’re on your sorrowful part of your life ,  I believe sometimes God allow that problem to shape us and to mold us , to push us the limit to get out on our comfort zone so that we can find a way to improve our life , “problems are there not to destroy us but to developed us “

It’s the metamorphosis of your own life , you will see you will be like that caterpillar that turn into a beautiful and magnificent butterfly , your problems and trials will pass you will end up strong and victorious , because your God is beside you He will never leave you nor forsake you, maniwala ka kapatid lilipas din yan , darating din ang summer seasons of your life never never give up, your season will pass, God will turn your ashes into beauty, your mourning into dancing and your anguish to song of praise :)

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  2. You're post is very inspirational. There is a time for everything. That Bible verse is one of my fave sayings. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi thanks for the time in reading my Blog post :) , God bless you more :)