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John Maxwell Rule of 5 in Leadership

Leadership can determine your success and how you can grow your business, because business is not just about profit business is leading your people , your organization to influence them, gusto kong i-share sayo yung very powerful information about leadership na natutunan ko sa aking friend na si John Maxwell kahit hindi nya ako kilala , haha :)  isa syang kilalang author, speaker and pastor who has written more than 60 books, primarily focusing on leadership at yung topic na i share ko sayo ngayon  it’s called Rule of 5 in leadership, first i want to discuss about this one law in leadership and its called LAW OF THE LID.

Law of the Lid, ang Lid eto yung takip ng kaldero :), as a leader ikaw yung takip, it says that if you’re score as a leader is 5 your organization will be on 4 meaning to say the growth of your organization will depend on your leadership because your organization will not grow if you will not grow as a leader.

The better you become as a leader the better you succeed, the ability you lead will determine the success of your business and everything Rises and falls on leadership, you need to become a better leader.

Palagi tong tinatanung ng marami, are leaders are born???? , of course!! Haha, kase kung hindi sila pinanganak anu sila alien? Haha :) , but I get their point , some people  are born leader kumbaga inborn na sa kanila yun, yes in some few people but I believe "leaders can be made and developed" , yes it's true , kahit sinu kapa , at kahit anu pa ang background mo.

The better you learn to lead the higher you lift up that lead, and how you will lift your LEAD? Dun na papasok ang Rule of 5 in leadership, this is a life changing concept to succeed.


Rule of 5 says, if you have tree on your backyard that you want to cut down and you have an ax and every day you pick up that ax and swing it five times on a tree and you put it down.  

On the next day you pick it up again and swing that tree again for five times every day, not 10, not 15, not 30 only five times, What will happen on that tree? Yes eventually it will fall there's no question about that. 

Tatanungin mo pa ba sarili mo na “posible ba na maputol at bumagsak tong puno na to? “:) Or mag dasal ka kay Lord every day and sabihin mo “Please Lord sana bumgsak tong puno na to” of course not! Because if you swing it five times every day it will fall , and it will depends on the size of that tree, if it is a big tree it may took a couple of years and if it is small tree maybe a couple of weeks or months only.

The size of the tree will determine how long it will take to fall, it doesn't matter how long it is, and as long as you hit that tree everyday consistently it will fall.

The rule of 5 says find your tree, what’s your GOAL in life, what’s your PURPOSE, what you want to ACCOMPLISH, what you want to KNOCKDOWN.

What is your Ax? , what are the tool that you will use to swing your goals five times every day, whatever it is if you use it five times a day every single day you will be highly successful. 

For example John Maxwell wrote already 73 book, people often ask him how can he wrote 73 books and he often told  them that he use rule of 5, he do the 5 things everyday that allow him to wrote 73 book , it’s not because he has magic or he is brilliant , it is just because he know the rule of 5 , every day he read , every day he think, every day he ask question  everyday he write , araw araw nya yun ginagawa, even if he didn't feel to do it he still do it anyway consistently.

We overestimate what we can do on a day and we underestimate what we can do on several days, the secret to success is not the fact that you say “hey someday I will get up and I’ll write for 12 hours” , it’s not that  you write for 12 hours or you write all day , it’s not to think all day, or to ask question all day , John Maxwell say “every day you see doing a little bit every day is a lot more important than doing a lot someday”, someday I will exercise, write a book, start a business , someday someday :)

Here’s the key you have to figure out what is the Priority, the most important things and here’s the rule of 5 of leading by John Maxwell to lift up your leadership lead and this is so very simple and you can do this.

First is Lead yourself, most of us thought that leadership is finding someone to lead, right? You know “before you lead someone else you need to lead yourself first” most of us say to ourselves “I wish I had somebody else to lead”, “I wish I had a company”“I wish a have a department” and you don’t know where to start, that’s why you should start on yourself. 

“If you wouldn't follow yourself why should anyone follow you?" What does it mean? It talks about leadership by example , having a leadership quality within you that you want to teach to someone else , having the leadership values within you that you want to impart to someone else. ,

I’m talking about visual leading people  because leadership is visual, it’s a visual responsibility and act, nobody has never said to you “ I’m following a great leader I just never found him or know him” haha , your hallucinating pag ganun haha :), every person that you follow nakita mo sila, the most important motivational principle in leadership life is“people do what people see”,

When they follow you as a leader it’s not what you say to them that makes you effective it’s what  they see on you, law of magnetism in leadership says “we attract who we are not who we want” , ika nga “bird of the same feather flocks together”,

If you want an organization with value, good attitude and character always ask yourself if you have those characteristics, do you have good value? , Good attitude? And you will attract those people, like begets like, before you ask somebody to follow you make sure you lead first yourself.

Too many leaders they are like travel agent they send people where they've never been themselves, they never experience and live it, people will not follow your finger they will follow you, quit pointing, quit talking , talk is cheap, any person that hasn't succeeded can talk, we teach what we know and we reproduce what we are, if you want to reproduce great people In your organization the first thing  that you do is to be a great leader.

The law of the lid say , if your leadership is on five your organization is on four and you cannot attract 6, 7 or even 9 because you’re on 5, 8 don’t follow 5, how did you attract better people? , lift your lead , if you’re 6 you will get 4, 3 , 2 , if you’re on 7 you will get 6, 5 , if you’re on 9 you will get 8, 7, 6 simple as that.

Stanford research says, that 85 % that you know you learned it visually the reason why John Maxwell teach us that the first rule of 5 in leadership is leading yourself because visual example is the most powerful tool in leadership, it is your ax to cut down your treeJames Allen says “people are anxious to improve their circumstances but they are not anxious to improve themselves” , lead yourself first , start small start with you , don’t tell them what you learn show them.

Second is Everyday add Value to peopleZig Ziglar says “if you will help other people get what they want you will get what you want”, leaders must focus on other first,  leaders must be hunger for learning to add value to his people, they should always ask themselves “who can I add value to? , “ how can I add value to them? “ , because leadership is influence , the more people you will influence the more your business grow, be passionate to add value to people every day , how can you add value? , there are 3 things according to John Maxwell.

You add value to people if you value people, you should love your people if leaders cannot value people he can take advantage to his people. 

You have to know and to relate what your people value, you can do that by listening instead of talking or casting vision to your people, the great leaders they listen they learned and they lead.

You have to make yourself more valuable , you have to keep better and keep yourself more valuable , you have to keep growing and it is very important to a business if you want massive success  you have to keep learning new things and idea.

Remember this “when leader stop valuing people they should stop leading the people”, the caring, valuing and loving people is the core of longevity and success of leadership.

Third is Every day you should study leadership, Earl Nightingale says “if you will take 1 hour a day for 5 years on a certain subject and every day for 1 hour will study that subject for 5 years, on 5 years you’ll become an expert on that subject”, every day you read leadership book, listen to your mentors, everyday consistently and you’ll be amaze on the result, be a continues learner, you cannot improve your leadership if you will not study leadership.

Fourth is every day you should practice leadership, it is not enough that you know how to lead you should practice it, when you learn do it A.s.a.p. because you will just waste your learning if you don’t apply it , Malcom Gladwell said “ if you want to become highly successful on doing something you must do it at least 10 thousand times” , and if you will study those highly successful people on their niche they already do it long time ago, some are already decades, remember this practice makes confidence.

Fifth is Every day you should intentionally grow, you should be around with people that better than you, successful than you, faster than you “When you are ahead on the class you’re in the wrong class”  

  • A growth environment is a place that you should continuously challenge.
  • A growth environment is where your focus is forward. 
  • A growth environment is when atmosphere is affirming, they encouraging you because encouragement is the oxygen of the soul. 
  • A growth environment is a place that I’m out of my comfort zone. 
  • A growth environment is when you wake up your so excited.
  • A growth environment is when failure is not your enemy, failure is you’re friend.
  • A growth environment is when others are growing. 
  • A growth environment is when people desire change.

“Greatness it doesn't begin great, it begins as a baby, greatness is based on the decision you make and if you’ll take the rule of 5 in lifting your lead you will have great success in your business” JOHN MAXWELL

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