Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Special Prayer For You

     In this holy week, this is the time that we must pause for a while and connect with our God to give us clear direction and guidance through our journey and mission in life, sa dame ba naman ng distractions and noise sa mundong to, and sometimes you feel confuse and overwhelm for those negative things that are happening, you need to re-calibrate your soul and refresh your whole being in this time of lent, I created this special prayer for you while I’m doing my reflection, so I invite you to pray this simple prayer with me,

     Heavenly Father I ask you now for your fresh anointing to pour out in my life, because of my problems and trials that I experience I admit that sometimes I lose my passion, Lord fill me with the fruit of the holy spirit the joy , love, peace in my heart, Lord encourage me strengthen me, be with me on this journey called life, I know Lord you will never leave me nor forsake me, I want to serve you more and use me Lord to become a blessing on this world, Jesus I accept you in my life as my Lord and my salvation. Conquer my whole life; cleanse me with your most precious blood, in JESUS name we pray, AMEN!

I encourage to always PUSH ( Pray Until Something Happen!)

"Together Towards Radical Change!"

P-s : if you pray this simple prayer and you accept Jesus as your Lord and your Salvation type “YES” on the comment below!

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