Saturday, April 19, 2014

Inspiring Story of Sis Ann Martha Padilla

When i receive our assignment in our Radical Training, to be a txtmate of Sis Ann Martha Padilla, to Befriend her on Facebook and to make a reflection that we will experience on knowing her, right away I search her on Google , and when I watch her video on YouTube.

I was very stunned and so amaze by her story and how God use her to be an intercessor to other people especially on sick people, everyday many people texted her and she will reply on your txt right away.

Sis Ann Martha Padilla was born with cerebral palsy and whats amaze me is that she can do many task like texting and praying for other, meron pa nga syang Fb eh at regular sya mag post =)

Sobra nabilib talga ako sa taong to, I remember ask her to pray for me and on that other day She sent me a personal message on Fb at kinamusta nya ako :) gusto ko share tong sinabi nya saken that really stunned me and humble me!

This message from her really bless me and I felt God talking to me through her and it was a life changing experience for me, many of us Gone through life ang dami reklamo bless na bless naman pero hindi nakikita yung blessing problem lagi ang nakikita , pero tong taong to na MAS MERONG KARAPATAN na magreklamo and can questioned God more why she was born like that. 

Instead of complaining and cursing life She still choose to thank God and pray to God for her purpose and she allow God to use her for His Glory, I was really feel immensely bless kase where txtmate and she always remind me to be grateful more every day for your family and friends that are surrounded you for all the blessing that God bestowed on our life.

All of us has a Cross to carry in life and we must take up that cross every day to fulfill the glory of God on our life , to let God use us in an radical way , sobra lumiit talaga ang mga problema ko nung nakilala ko si Sister Martha , kung sya nga ginagwa nya yung best nya pra i fulfill ang purpose nya sa mundong to, ako pa kaya, tayo pa kaya na normal at kaya naten gawin lahat to help many people , sayang ang buhay kung hindi naten gagawin kung anu ba ang gusto ng Dyos para saten.

I attended the Reinvent 2014  by Bro Bo Sanchez a Holy Week retreat , and the main message on that retreat “When you’re down into nothing God is up into something”, all of us face rock bottom in life, our darkest moment on our life when we feel that God is so far from us. 

Right now when i was writing this reflection I’m facing challenges in my life, sometimes I don’t know what to do i feel confuse, I believe when you started to give your life to Jesus whole heart-tedly the more your faith will be challenge sometimes God allow that boulder of problem so that you will hold on to Him more and to increase our faith to Him. 

For me the  perfect example of unshakable faith is sister Ann Martha Padilla story, some people would look at her that she has a big problem in life, but she allow God to use her big problem into a big blessing of her life for  being a intercessor for other people that are in need, , “when you’re down into nothing God is up into something!”, we just have to surrender everything to our God because he knows best and all we have to do is to be still and know that He is GOD!

Together Towards Radical Change,

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