Sunday, March 30, 2014

How To Have Unshakable Faith?

Many of us gone through hardship and challenges in life, the world is bombarded us with negative things, mga salita na naririnig mo that makes you unworthy at minsan sa mga malalapit pa sa buhay mo and it make you feel so small, i-dag dag na ren naten yung  mga pag-kakamali mo in the past that still haunting you up to this day.

Right now I want you to expand your expectancy and faith in God that He will bless you and He will make your dreams come true declare today that this year will be your favor and whatever you lost in the past God will make it double for you “He will make a way when there seems to be no way”

Expect that your biggest problem right now will become your biggest blessing, your pain can turn into paradise, your trials will become your triumph, your test will become your testimony, and your mess will become your message, and if you are a victim right now believe that you will become a victor.

Because when we have Faith to the Lord magnificent things are happening, because we serve a supernatural God and He is mighty to save.

There this one Frog accidentally  fell on a jar full of cream , then  this Frog starting to panic because he thought that he will going to die, kase lumulubog na sya sa jar full of cream eh, pero nung tumingin sya sa taas he saw a light na nang-gagaling sa labas kahit na madilim yung paligid nya, so nagkaron ng Hope yung kawawang frog then he decided to swim and to swim into the cream. 

Para hindi sya lumubog kahit na hindi nya alam kung panu sya makakalabas ng buhay sa jar basta ang alam nya lang he will not die there without doing anything, so he swim and swim and swim and the frog notice the longer he swim into the cream it started to become thicker and thicker kaya nahihirapan na sya ikampay mga kamay nya at napapagod na sya pero he already committed not to give up. 

He continue to swim and amazingly you know what happen?

The cream started to become harder and it became a butter, and the frog can now able jump off on that jar.

The source of his problem which is the cream become his stepping block to live.

Remember this “pag pahirap na ng pahirap palapit ka na ng palapit sa destiny at purpose na planu sayo ni Lord” because the enemy is trying to stop and deceive you, obviously ayaw nya tayo maging masaya :), kaya HOLD ON, DON’T QUIT be like this FROG!! Hindi mo lam, malapit kna sa mga pangarap mo.

The bible scripture said “Do not forget the covenant I have made with you, and do not worship other gods.  Rather, worship the LORD your God; it is he who will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies." 2 Kings 17:38-39

Don’t consider the size of your problem consider the size of your God!! Because the Best is yet to come! God created this day for you!, You are made to praise and worship God, you are design to Glorify His name, and if you praise Him our daddy God is jumping into heaven right now.

He is so happy and grateful and He will open up  the floodgates of heaven to pour out his overflowing Blessing in your life! 

I encourage you to give your best to the Lord, expect God scandalous grace and miracle is coming, claim it it will be yours :), you are so bless hindi mo lang nakikita yun, mayaman ang ama naten kaya mayaman tayo.

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