Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What is the 5 Powerful Law in the Universe?

Pansinin mo napakadaming law sa mundo naten and what is the purpose of those law? syempre to follow the rules and regulations under that law, karamihan ng mga law is all about restrictions right?

Pero yang mga law na yan ay ginawa to protect us and for our own welfare, right?

Today I will share to you the 5 powerful laws in the universe that I've learned; these laws are not going to limit us but to give us a life of abundance.

God is so good and merciful that He created this law that i will share to you today, binigay nya saten to kase merong plano maganda saten ang Dyos dahil sa sobra pagmamahal nya saten.


Whatever you expect in life you will have it, the bible tells us that God will give us a blessing –“pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back." (Luke 6:38) sa tagalog “Sik sik liglig umaapaw”, you want that? Everybody wants that, all we have to do is to have Boldness and faith to God that He will bless us kahit na maraming pagsubok pa ang dumating saten.

Begin in what you have, step out and the right resources connection idea will follow, be faithful in the little things.

Expect that those failure are learning that you can apply, the wealthy minded person does not need to start 10 business to become a millionaire because it doesn't matter if the business fails or the 5th business fails or the 8th if on the 10th business succeed you will become a millionaire and be a blessing to the kingdom of God, never Give up.

There is a God given idea inside of us and how can we know it? Step out and God will move on our life, like Moses when he delivers the Israelite’s to Egypt, anu ba nangyari sa mga Israelite’s they are stuck between pharaoh soldiers that will kill them kase umabot na sila sa dead end dahil nakaharang yung red sea. 

Pero anu ba ang ginawa ni Moses, he expect that God will deliver them from their enemies so Moses step on the red sea and parted the Red Sea, that is the perfect example of stepping out of faith, we walk not by sight but in faith.

The God that we serve promise us above beyond what we think, the scripture told us that “Let the LORD be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.” If we become wealthy and prosperous it will make God big on our life and we can affect other people because they will ask you, Anu ginawa mo??? :) And your answer is “, “because of the scandalous grace of God” :)

You should not allow fear to conquer your life, you must trust God with all your Heart, sometimes we believe to people that told us that we are small and we cannot do it, rather than believe in the word of God, don’t believe what the World tells us, believe what God, your Abba father will told you.


“It’s the most powerful force in the universe”, Albert Einstein call compounding 8 wonders of the world, compounding work in every area of life and it’s the Hidden force of all success, Compounding is painfully slow and incremental at first but soon gathers pace and an amazing thing happens if you are patience and stay the course at a certain point growth becomes substantial and almost instantly goes through the roof, and it’s at this point that your dreams come true. 

This is the small step that you do every day, this is the habit that you make every day and you know those small steps if its is accumulated,it will double and triple overtime, until it become bigger (snow ball effect).

Sometimes you ask yourself this question, "bakit ganun tama naman ginagawa ko every day, pero bakit wla nangyayari?" , you know, don’t be discourage because merong nangyayari because of this powerful law called compounding, it seems nothing happens on the outside and you become frustrated. 

This compounding law is like a force of Tidal wave and the surf board that you must use to ride on compounding is PERSEVERANCE.

For you to experience compounding in your life you must persevere!

Success come from power but from perseverance, never never never give up, keep on moving until one day your dreams come to pass.


People miss out the window of opportunity not because it’s not there it is because when they present themselves they are not prepared and we miss it, prepare today for the opportunity on tomorrow, like what happen to “Joseph the dreamer”

Joseph  is the son of Jacob, sya yung bunso sa mgkakapatid , and Jacob called him the miracle child, sya ang paborito ni Jacob. 

His 12 brothers(12 tribes of Israel started) Get jealous to Joseph, one day Joseph had a  dream and on his dream all the stars , the moon , the sun and even his brothers bow down to him, so his brother get angry to Joseph and they decided to sold Joseph as slaves in Egypt. 

His brothers told their father Jacob that Joseph was attacked by wolf and died.

Joseph became so frustrated and discourage , he feel betrayed by his brother, wala naman sya ginawang masama sa mga kapatid nya, ginawa pa nga nya lahat para pakisamahan sila pero ganun ang ginawa ka sa kanya.

Joseph give his best in everything that he do, he become the best slaves in Potiphar’s house and Potiphar promoted Joseph as head of the household.

Then the wife of Potiphar try to seduce him but because Joseph is a man of God he run and resist her, dahil napahiya yung asawa ni Potiphar, ang ginawa nya pinalabas nya Joseph plan to rape her.

Joseph was thrown in prison , but instead of giving up , still He give his best serving God and Honor God in everything that he do , He become best prisoner in the world, until one day pharaoh had a dreams and no man in the land can interpret his dreams, then the prisoner that was release knew Joseph can interpret dreams.

kaya pinatawag si Joseph ni pharaoh and Joseph interpret his dreams, pharaoh was amaze to Joseph and make Joseph Governor of Egypt and he save the whole land from destruction and famine. 

I believe where you are today is the perfect place where God can promote you , like what God did to Joseph, so instead of worrying , worship God and Be the Best!

Be great on the season that you are in, so that when the opportunity are there you are prepared, be the best where you are today, you show up early, and you stay in late , kahit yang trabaho mo ngayon ang pinaka-mababang sweldo at worst na trabaho sa buong mundo just trust God. 

He knows what you're going through, at kung anu ginawa nya kay Joseph kayang kaya nya yung gawin sayo, He is your Jehovah Jirah (God the provider)  and God will show you the opportunity to bless you.


This is like thinking like a farmer, what you sow you will reap, if you plant bad seed, you will reap bad seed, if you plant good seed, you will reap good seed, so expect when you plant you will reap.

We must change our habits, change our inner world and the outer world will follow, most of us try to change the outer first, but you must first change the roots and the fruits will change, you will sow what you reap, on 21 days make a right thoughts of habits (Research say if you will do certain things on 21 days it will become automatic), in your finances, family, health.

The bible tells us, Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinhians10:5)

You know our brain has this neo - connector, neo - connector is like a strand of thread so every time na meron ka new habits na ginagawa our brain produce new neo-connector and when you do it consistently this neo-connector gets bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. 

The old habits started to shrink until it’s gone, so choose wisely in applying your habits it’s either positive or negative habits, this will take you so much discipline, pansinin mo meron kaba habit ngayon na sa tingin mo na hindi naman nakaka-tulong sayo, whether in your health or finances? gustong gusto mong baguhin pero parang ang hirap?, kasi yung neo-connector gets bigger and bigger, kaya always choose Positive habits.

The battle is on our mind we should always read the bible every day to know the promises of God for us, that He has a better plan, to give us Hope and a future, expect that this year will be your year of favor!

Everyone has a big destiny, if you want to change your life you must change 3 things, your thoughts, your friends (surround yourself with a winner), and location (positive environment), and your life will never be the same again.


What you focus will grow, because what you focus dun napupunta lahat ng power at concentration mo,  para mas lalo mo sya maintidihan yung perfect example ko dito  ay yung magnifying glass and a piece of paper, di ba nung nag-aaral pa lang tayo meron tayong experiment.

Susunugin naten yung dahon gamit ang magnifying glass, gagawin naten i-tatapat naten sya sa sunlight tapos itututok naten dun sa dahon tapos mga ilang minuto lang nagliliyab na yung papel.

Sobra amaze na amaze ako nung mga time na gingawa ko yung experiment na yun eh, sabi ko pa nun magic :) 

You can also apply it on your lives , sometimes we tend to focus on negative things that are happening to us, your energy was consume on the negative things and we started to get tired and discourage in life. 

Another example , kung ikaw yung tipo ng tao na mainipin, gusto mo ma-promote ka kagad sa work mo, 6 months pa lang naiinip ka na at nagrereklamo kana then you resign to your work and find another job, then nainip ka ulit and find another job, ang nangyari hindi kana nakapag-focus sa gusto mo gawing career in the future.

If you are a businessman lahat na  ng business sinubukan mo, you become a "jack of all trades the master of none" until na burned out kana at nakalimutan mo na yung core gift mo kung san ka ba talaga passionate, God has given you a unique gift and talent that only you has destined for it, Focus on that Gift, and be patience on yourself, always tell to yourself FOCUS, FOCUS!! :) makukuha mo din yang pangarap mo.

What this world say it is impossible, the more i believe we should do it because nothing is impossible with God, with him that believes there are no such things as impossible, God can do anything lahat kahit anu pa yan!,But you know there is one thing that our God cannot do, alam mo kung anu yun? :)) , God cannot lie!! , when He says he will Bless you,.

He will, when God say He will fulfill His promises, He will!! And when God reveal something in you, it will come to pass! kahit anung pigil ng kalaban sayo no match yan sa kapangyarihan ng Dyos.

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