Sunday, March 9, 2014

Inspiring Story That You Can Relate- The Ugly duckling :)


     Habang ako'y nanunuod  sa YouTube eh bigla akong naluha sa napanuod ko as in to the max Promise :), 

     Alam mo kung anu yun?  THE UGLY DUCKLING!! :),parang ang babaw nuh? at medyo nkakatawa, 

     Pero tinamaan tlaga ako sa story na to and gusto ko share tong  reflection na to habang ako ay nanunuod :)

     I’m a single father to my beautiful daughter  and every day we had bonding and most of the time my daughter wants to watch cartoon on YouTube, and i have no choice to watch together with her, and she pick this cartoon titled "ugly duckling" you know that story ? , this one egg accidentally mix with the other eggs of a duck and when all the eggs has been hatch, he was different to them, and he feel that he is ugly and he has low self-esteem because he was different , but when he grow, he become a beautiful swan, 

       Nuon hindi ko sya pinapansin nung bata pa ako, until now bata pa ren naman),haha, kidding aside, when i finish watching it together with my daughter, this story struck me so much, and it inspire me with a message that i will share to you today, 

        Maybe  right now you feel that you are like that ugly duckling because of someone is discouraging you and say that you are nothing, you are a loser, maybe someone is rejecting you and giving you a hard time dealing with, or maybe because of trials and problems that you are facing right now and you lose hope, the bible scripture says “Let us make man in our own image and our likeness" just like that ugly duckling that turn into a beautiful swan,

I have a word for you….

      You will bloom where you planted, you will fly high above the sky and you will reach your dreams, because you are a child of God, you are great and awesome, you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, you know y? Because God Loves you unconditionally, and He's Love will never fail and never give up on us, believe that all things work for Good to those who Love God :), Wag kang SUSUKO kapatid, may magandang mangyayari sa Buhay mo :)

Together Toward Radical Change”

P-s:i feel so bless when i'm doing this article and pwede ka mag comment below kung na inspire ka sa ginawa kong article at kung katulad kita na nkapanuod ka ng ganito story at nagkaron ka ng reflection :)

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