Thursday, March 20, 2014

Formula to Get Rid of Your Anxiety in 5 minutes

May nagtanung saken “Adrian panu mo nagagawang maging positibo sa buhay kahit may mga problem”, or “how can you handle those frustration in life? “

Pero ang hindi nila alam deep inside of me i worry a lot because I’m a human being.

I have a secret to tell you, how can i cope up with anxiousness at gusto ko tong i share sayo, 

Do you want to know my secret how to get rid anxiety? 

I have this ritual, an affirmation that I always do every day especially when I feel overwhelmed with a problem. 

Pwede mo ren to I try :) I put my hands over my chest and close my eyes, and say this very powerful words “I’m God’s powerful champion, all is well “

Repeat it over and over again and you know what will happen when I say those words I felt like all my anxieties and burdens are lifted up in the hands of God because our God is sovereign, He is in control of everything kahit anu pa yan.

Kaya ok lang ba gawin naten to ng sabay =), game?, let's put our hands over our chest and say after me this powerful words “I’m God’s powerful champion, all is well”, paulit ulit mo tong sabihin at i feel mo ng mabuti.

Do you now feel good? :)

Yes!,You are God’s powerful champion, because you are the temple of God, God spirit live's in you, God dwells in you, God holiness is in you, Jesus is with you, even how much Big your problem , your anxieties, your burden, your pain in life you have this Big God that loves you unconditionally and He will never leave you nor Forsake you.

Even you commit mistake in the past your God is bigger than that, even you have crooked life right now God can make it straight to give you a new life, and if God is for you who can be against you.

Lastly, I will share to you this powerful tool how to rid totally your anxiety :) and you know what tool it is? :)

By using the power of your IMAGINATION!! :) , "Your imagination is the remote control of your Emotion",

“Your Imagination is the manufacturer of your Future”- Bo sanchez

I know maybe narinig mo na to sa iba or napanuod mo na to or nabsa sa mga Libro and i don't know if you take this seriously? :) hehe , pero alam mo most of the successful people in the world alam nila to kaya nga sabi ni Napoleon Hill “what your mind conceive you can achieve it”.

lahat sila yung pangarap nila nagsimula lang sa imagination they Vision it every day even when they are not there yet , they imagine already living that dream.

Isa ren yan sa mga routine ko every day when I pray I also imagine myself living that dream and it felt so good to start your day because you will feel so motivated and very clear yung mga gusto mo gawin towards that dream, kung nagwork saken to, I’m sure it will also work for you! =)

Meron akong inattach na VERY POWERFUL video by jojo Apollo (Nlp Expert) He’s one of the mentor of Bro BoSanchez in NLP at ng iba pang mga Business Leaders in the country.

Ang tawag dito ay TIMELINE TECHNIQUE :), very powerful tong information na to, kaya gusto ko share to sayo :)

PS Can you do me a Favor? , please do make a COMMENT below if this thing work for you :) , thanks and be very bless always :), My Prayer is always with you :)

Together Towards Radical Change,

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