Sunday, February 16, 2014

How To Make A Pancake?

One day a man pray to God and asking to give him a pancake, whenever He pray for a pancake God gave him Flour, he prayed again and God gave him sugar, on the next day He prayed again and God gave him a cup of milk, on the other night He prayed again and God gave him 1 large egg and on the next day he was so desperate and he really prayed hard for his pancakes and God gave him vegetable oil instead of a pancake and he ask God. 

 “Lord why every time I pray for my pancake you give me Sugar, flour, a cup of milk, 1 large egg and a vegetable oil instead of a pancake? , didn't you hear my prayer and you don’t want me to be happy for just a simple pancake?, why God? Why? :( “

And God answered Him:

 “You know son I hear your prayer and I want you to be happy and I love you so much and do not think that I don’t care, the truth is i Really care about your needs and I want you to grow, I gave you all the ingredients how to make a Pancake, so that you can learn how to make a pancake and every time you want pancake you know already the ingredient and how to make one” :)

You know when I wrote this story I realize in life we experience heartache, bitter memories ,sweet and funny moments, excitement and frustrations in life especially when we want something because in our world today everything is “instant”(mommy, noodles, food, beverages, and instant Boyfriend hahaha just kidding) and also the technology.

Just one click you can have already what you want , we don’t like to wait and we get easily frustrated if it took so long , but you know I believe God  doesn't focus on our dreams :) it shock you?? :) yes it’s true!!,

He’s more interested on the Dreamer which is you and me, because He is God the creator of this entire universe! in just one snap of a finger your dreams can come to pass, but God Doesn't want instant, because God is a  Constant God and He want’s process.

When He created the Universe, the earth and mankind He do it for 7 days, He can just say on the day one of the creation “Let there be universe, stars, the moon, Earth, animals and a man!” He can do that, but He does it for 7 days because God is not a boring God, He wants to excite us and challenge us to trust on Him, He want’s Process, He want to see a Growth in the masterpiece that He Created.

You and I are still work in progress maybe right now you’re praying for something and you felt that God didn't answer your prayer, instead your problems kept on getting bigger and so much frustrations in your life.

I believe God allows those trials and problems in your life because He want you to grow and to learn, to become bigger and bolder in life, just keep on doing what God has place in your heart , on what you are passionate about, and you will see God will reveal to you the Reason behind everything  and just like that man praying for his pancake :)

God gave you already all the ingredients to your dreams and He wants you  to work on it and to mix it to become a pancake so that if you want another dreams to fulfill you know already the ingredient how to make one and how to do it again and God promises you that He is on your side and He will Help you to make Your Pancake in life, God will finish what He started on your life(Philippians 1:6)

Friends what is your pancake in life? Ask God for His Guidance. Just Trust him that all your dreams will come true when you are ready to receive it.

God bless you more and more :)

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