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Bo Sanchez Article - Important Mindset About Money

I want to share a very powerful article from Bro Bo Sanchez “Purify your thoughts about money". Sobra na bless ako nung binabasa ko to and i learn a lot from this article, kaya gusto ko to share sa Blog post na to :) this article will help you especially if you want to pursue Entrepreneurship.

Purify Your Thoughts about Money

I receive tons of letters from readers, most of them happy, but some of them heart-rending.

Just yesterday, one letter I read was from a man who was poor all his life.  He didn’t even know how he’d get food for his family the following week.  Sure, he had a job but it paid miserably and wasn’t even enough to keep his kids in school.

I opened another letter the other day and read about a woman who had so much debts, her monthly payables are double her monthly income.  And according to her, she’s already living very, very, very simply.  She hasn’t bought a new dress for ages, never goes to movies unless it’s a freebee, and has sold most of her belongings already.

You know that I recommend the simple life.  But not having enough money for your basic needs isn’t the simple life.  That’s poverty, and that complicates life.

Read carefully.  Money isn’t everything and people are totally mistaken if they think that money will solve all their problems and make them happy.  But we do need money to live.  It’s because of letters like these that made me launch my financial crusade.  I want to help good people make money.

And the first step to making money is to purify your thinking towards money.

If somewhere in your brain, you think that money is evil, that it is unspiritual to earn money—then somehow, even subconsciously, you will find ways of AVOIDING money.  I’m serious…

But the Bible doesn’t say that money is evil; the love of money is.  Money is a neutral thing that can be used to love or hate, to build or destroy, depending on how you use it.  In other words, it can make you holy or it can make you evil—much like anything else in life.  It all depends on whether you follow or violate the laws written in the fabric of the universe concerning its use.

Purify your thinking towards money by embracing the truth that God wants you to have some material things to live a humane life, enough for your needs, and more than what you need, so that you can be generous.  In fact, the Bible says, If a man will not work, he shall not eat.  (2 Thessalonians 3:10)  and All hard work brings a profit…  (Proverbs 14:23)

Right now, wherever you are, make a faith statement that your Creator wants to provide for your needs.  Make a faith statement that God wants you to work and earn for a living and be responsible towards your family.

Also, it’s important to watch your attitude towards those who are earning well.  Do you resent them?  Do you feel that they are unspiritual?  Do you feel that they used deception to earn that kind of money?  If you continue to have these thoughts, you’re telling yourself that money indeed is bad and unspiritual and can only be taken by deception.  Banish these thoughts!

Purify Your Motives About Money

Motives need to come from your highest values if we want to live freely.

Ask yourself: Why do you want more money?

To provide for the basic needs of your family?

To fulfill your God-given responsibility as spouse and parent?

To be more generous to those in need?

To have more personal freedom to love?

When you inwardly feel that your motives are in line with your highest values, then you’ll approach your moneymaking endeavors as a whole person.  You’ll move and walk and talk with integrity.  With peace and happiness!  The journey will be pleasurable.

But if you inwardly feel that your motives are not in line with your highest values, then you will work towards earning money as a divided person.  If your innermost motive for earning more money is merely for selfish opulence, your highest values will rebel against that and you’ll experience a loss of integrity—a disintegration in your character.  You may reach your financial goals, but you will never be at peace.

The solution?

Follow your conscience and change your motives according to your highest values.

Earn money with nobility.

Make money without robbing your soul.

Purify your motives towards making money.

May your dreams come true,

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