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How To Overcome Obstacles in Life by Td Jakes

I want to share with you what I've learned from Bishop Td Jakes about discipline of TAKING ACTIONIf you don’t know who Td Jake is, he’s one of a great preacher in America and he touch many peoples live by his word and wisdom that he get from God and isa ako sa mga tao na sobra naiinspire tuwing napapakingan ko yung mga powerful talk nya. 

Often God use architectural terms in His word- it means you must have to work in building something, may effort na involve and kelangan talga pag-pawisan ka :) but people don’t like to build too much, they like to buy ready to move in. building is stressful, kasama talaga ang headache and disappointment’s along the way, at dapat naten maintidihan na part talga yun :)

Always remember this “before you build you must have a VISION, PLAN and GOAL” so napaka-halga na alam naten kung anu ba talaga ang gusto naten sa buhay you must have dreams kasi yan yung magiging guide naten sa gusto naten puntahan.

Building is erecting something but before you erect you must GO DOWN (build foundation) You must dig down deeper until you hit the solid ground which is the rock that you will build your foundation. 

May tanung ako sayo nakakkita ka na ba ng mga structure like house or building na sobra ganda ng itsura nila? then suddenly some erosion or earthquake happen it collapse easily. The problem is not on the surface but in the underneath and time will reveal the reality what is on the underneath kahit san pa aspeto ng ating buhay. 

But if it is build right it can withstand all the turbulence around kahit anung bagyo pa dumaan pag malalim ang foundation na meron tayo sa buhay di ba? :) ang dali lang intindihin ng concept na to but most people don’t really understand this.

Some people don’t like building because it will take too long we don’t like to build our finances, our relationship with our family and also in our health.  ayaw naten mahirapan at maghintay ng matagal :)

Hearing the word of God does not necessary you can build the house, Faith comes by hearing but faith without ACTION is nothing.

Jesus told us “I don’t want you to hear the word, I want you to do the word, I don’t just want you to hear about healing, I want you to go out there and lay hands on the sick, I just don’t want you to hear about victory , I want you to go there and walk in victory,  I don’t just want you to hear that I’m going to bless you, I want you to walk with the blesser, I don’t just want you to hear about loving your neighbor, I want you to practice to somebody that get on your nerve, I want you to get involved in the process to do what you hear”

In what you believe infiltrate your behavior and the process gives you the foundation :)

It is not just about hearing of the word, nor is it the doing of the word it is the process of doing the word that gives you the Foundation. It is the struggles, it is the wrestling, it is the praying, it is the pulling, it is the trial, it is the temptation, it is the stumbling and falling, the intimidation that give you the FOUNDATION :)

The best part of it, you can learn things about God that you didn't know, you will learn about yourself that you didn't know, you will learn through aggravations and heartache, you will learn to deal with obstacles and situations and because of that all of the sudden you will grow to get DEEPER AND DEEPER AND DEEPER you will be PREPARED :)

Remember this “Doing is Digging” so literal talaga na pagpapawisan ka, madudumihan ka and in this process some of your friends that will not understand you will leave , di ba ganun naman pag may hinuhukay ka meron kang tinatapon gamit ang shovel para mapuntahan mo ang Goal mo? ,some people will not like what you are doing right now and they will not agree with you and it's okey , it's normal! Hindi talaga sila para sayo! 

Everything start moving in your life, things that you never thought that will move are moving kaya kung  sa tingin mo ang gulo ng buhay mo ngayon things falling apart gusto ko  I tap mo ang sarili mo at sabihin mo “I Got some digging going on “ :)

Digging past your fears, bad habits, insecurities, limitation, digging you all the way down until you hit the rock where the foundation will build which is JESUS your Cornerstone. There is no shortcut to excellence you cannot fast track it.

The problem is we are on the “INSTANT AGE” we live in, we have lost the understanding of “SLOW PREPARATION” , nakakarelate ka ba? Alam mo ako guilty din dito eh, nasanay na kasi tayo sa mga Instant , the food that we eat, the juice that we drink and even the technology today really affect us, but the principle of success is in slow preparation. Kaya ang dami nabibiktima ng mga scam because of this get rich quick Mentality ayaw naten mahirapan at mapagod at maghintay :)

Pagod ka naba maghintay for something?  Maybe your dreams and ambition in life take so long and you feel so tired, I want you to keep on digging and hang on because may promise sayo si Lord from the book of Isaiah says but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Hang on! Get some discipline!, often God use People in your life as a Shovel!, he will use people how we interact with them, how we deal with them to dig you down, the problems is most of us really want to be dag down by somebody, we depend on some people in our life na magbago para magbago tayo :) “You can’t build on the shovel”. The reason why people keep hurting you down because we use them to get us on the rock. para mas lalo maintidihan "wag ka maging dependent masyado sa ibang tao" because even our Loved ones can fail us! there's no such this as perfect person only Jesus when He walks on earth!

Can you stand to be bless? :) Its’ not your talent or your gift is enough, can you stand up on all the things that come from it? Can you stand? Because everybody wants to do the above work because it’s the Easy and pretty stuff, but it’s not the above work matter it’s the below ground work. You must do the work that people don’t see; you have to be willing to take the time that necessarily to prepare the foundation.

The work goes down before the building goes up, the underground work must be done before above ground expose. Some people dig down but because they are impatient they build on the sand not on the rock, because some people don’t have the discipline to face the SANDY situations to dig down to build on the rock because of too much work. The problem is not on the condition but on discipline “the soil is not ready on the vision that seen”.

If we are doer of the word we should dig down on the rock because the promise of God blessings is big enough that need Preparation “so that it will not disappear”.

It is worth it to hit the rock, it is worth it to look bad for a little while and come up looking good for a lifetime :) it’s worth it you learn from doing and struggling because your strength tolerance increases, your ability to handle pain increase, your wisdom increases, your ability to deal with hater increases, your tougher than ever before :)

Your dreams cannot be built without the FOUNDATION :)

God bless you more and more :)

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