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6 Reasons Why Filipinos are afraid of Business

Lahat tayo ay may kanya kanyang FEAR...walang exempted dyan lahat tayo meron nyan, Why?

In Dan Baker's excellent book, What Happy People Know, he explains how our body circuitry is wired to fear. 

Our brains have three parts.  The brain stem, the amygdala, and the neocortex. The more primitive parts of our brains, the brain steam (also called the reptilian brain, because reptiles have these for brains) and the amygdala are programmed for fear.

Why?  Our ancestors needed fear for their physical survival.  Imagine yourself living in the wilderness with lions, wolves, and cobras around you.  Danger lurks behind every tree and shadow. 

Once their brains register fear, the endocrine glands produce our fear hormones adrenaline and cortisol. It gave them super strength to fight or flight.  And in fighting or fleeing, they exhaust the adrenaline and cortisol in their bodies.  Well and good. 

We are program like that nuong unang panahon pa lang, kaya normal lang na nakakaranas tayo ng fear.

When i started my entrepreneurial career there are so many reason I've encountered why most people don’t like to enter business especially us Filipino and this major reason that I will share, eto yung mga common na naririnig ko sa mga taong nakakausap ko and I will try my best to answer those major reason, Kung ready kana here’s the first major reason:


Eto yung number one na common maririnig sateng mga pinoy hehe =)) I’m sure kahit ikaw agree ka saken dito, kase yan din ang  excuses ko dati, when I was still in college I don’t have any plan to enter into business that time my only hope and salvation is to go abroad to work as a Nurse.

I’m not saying mali yun my point is ang dame opportunity here in the Philippines it all depends on our mindset , kasi ang mindset ko dati ang pera nasa abroad talaga and my parents are so much employed so wala sa background ng family namen para mag business, panu ba naman ako mag-sisimula eh kung wala naman ako millions in the bank to start up with.

It all change when someone introduce me intto network marketing opportunity because you can start your entrepreneurial career with just a low capital mahal pa nga pambili ng iphone or ipad eh =)) but this is not easy and you need a lot of hard work to earn your First million in this industry, it is so important that you must find a right mentor that can really teach you starting day one the proper skill that you need.

Napakarami opportunity out there that you can able to start you entrepreneurial career na hindi naman kelangan ng sobra laki capital you can also do franchising or invest in stock market in small amount of money and overtime your money will grow and so much more and I suggest before you” invest investigate”. 

Kaya nga tayo may kasabihan na pag gusto marami paraan, pag ayaw maraming dahilan” =)) so for me kung nasa puso mo talga maging entrepreneur go ahead make it happen and find a mentor that can help you, wag ka malakihan sa capital kung sobra laki ng pangarap mo para sa family mo.


Number two na most common reason ng karamihan “wala daw sila experience sa business or Hindi raw nila linya to “ =)) ang sagot ko naman sa kanila so kamusta ka naman sa “linya mo? “ haha syempre joke lang yun, baka nasapak ako ng mga yun =)) , well I believe we are all born winners sabi nga sa bible “we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us” , Keep an open mind and be willing to learn by being  HUMBLE enough to those people that are already achiever and successful, make sense?

Our mind is like a parachute it is best use when its open, may kasabihan nga di ba learn from our own experience” but there’s much more better than that “Learn from other people experience”, by that they will teach us the way how they do that, so it is one of the most important ingredient to success is being humble enough, like me I’m a nurse anu ba naman alam ko sa business at sa pakikipagusap sa tao? , sobra mahiyain nga ko nuon eh, pero I want change, so I seek mentor’s and listen to them, hang out with them along the way na adopt ko na ren ang mindset nila at habits nila.

I have a question for you, Kung meron isang opportunity ka nakita na talagang maka-kapagpabago ng buhay mo at ng family mo, hindi kba willing na makinig at matuto? =)) alam mo tayong mga Pinoy mahilig tayo sa mga balita mga latest trend, but sometimes maging cautious tayo sa mga pakikingan naten =)), we must find a mentor that really guide us on our Dreams and Goals in life.

Those people that are already living the dreams that we want, and kung papansin mo those millionaire and billionaire in the world most of them don’t have any background in business, and from poor family, undergrad, or yung iba naman dating employee lang din, but why they are so successful? Because they are humble enough to learn new things.


Eto pa yung isa sa common, wla na daw sila oras para gumawa pa ng bago sa trabaho pa lang daw nila ubos na ang oras nila, but you know nung ako employee pa, halos wala din ako time nun sobra busy ko talaga nun, pero napansin ko sa sobra busy ko halos wla na ako time para sa anak ko sa sarili ko, pero habang tumatagal parang wala naman pagbabago , halos wala din ako naiipon, kaya nga ako nagtratrabaho para sa anak ko eh.

Pero bakit ganun? , you know sometimes most people are become slaves in making money, I’m not saying employment is bad, but if you want wealth and abundance make your Money Work for you, make your money slaves working for you, not money making you slaves and you work for them =)), and you will have all the time on the dreams that God want in your life, do a vacation with your family to travel all over the world, have more time with them.

I like what Les brown say (motivational speaker / author) anu daw ba ang common scenario on death bed, dba yung member ng whole family is there right? , sabi nya hindi lang daw member ng family nakapaligid sayo, nakapalgid sayo ang mga talents, skill, and dreams that God place into your heart and you will realize na you never really live, because you never live what’s inside you, and those talents and skills that God gave to you, they are staring at you angry  and they will say to you “we never had chance to live on this earth no one has benefited by us and worst thing we will die with you”,

You know what’s the richest place on earth? Not on the Middle East where the oil will found, not on the Africa where the diamonds are =)), you know where? It’s on the cemetery =)) yes!! It is the riches place on earth! Because there you will find many dreams that has been buried, business that has not been erected, song that has never been sang, books that never been written, leadership that has never been heard, project that never been launch, friends do not deprive this world with your God given Dreams in your life many people will be bless by that don’t make Time as your excuse.


Here’s one very inspiring story that I will share na hindi hadlang ang edad para magsimula.

Colonel sanders were 65 years old when he received his first social security cheque of $99. He was broke, and owned a small house and a beat up car.

He made a decision that he has got to change. The only idea he had was a chicken recipe, which his friends liked. With that idea in mind, he took massive action.

He left his home in Kentucky and traveled to many states in the US to sell his idea. He told the restaurant owners that he had a chicken recipe that people liked and he was giving it to them for free.

What he wanted in return was for the restaurant owners to pay him a small percentage on the pieces of chicken sold.
He got rejections after rejections, but did not give up. In fact, he got over 1000 rejections.

He got 1009 no’s before he got his first yes. With that one success Colonel Hartland Sanders changed the eating habits of the whole world with Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC.

How many of us will keep knocking on doors when we have received 1000 rejections? I presume not many! This is why there are not many successes like Colonel Sanders.

Age is no barrier to success, what is needed is an idea put into action, followed with proper planning and persistency.


Why belief? , may mga tao kase na mababa ang belief level sa sarili nila and they have very low self-esteem they put themselves inside the box and hindi ko sila masisi because of too many factors and maybe one of the factor is their past experience in life, mga failure na nagawa nila sa buhay nila, and those people humiliate them and reject them and if you are one of those people, I have good news for you.

GOD has a great plan for your life. God believe in you and He will bless you so much, because you are born a CHAMPION, I’m a nurse, you know when your mom and dad make love your dad produce millions of sperm cell =)), isipin mo sa isang egg cell million million ang kalaban mo the point na ikaw ang lumabas dun pa lang panalo ka na =)) and when you start believing in yourself your life will never be the same again.


Lastly, one of the most major reason why most Filipino don’t like business because they Don't want to take risk, kase tayo mga Pinoy ay sigurista hehe =)), and isa sa nakikita ko dahilan ditto because of the FEAR OF FAILURE , hindi pa naguumpisa ang negosyo lugi na agad ang iniisip baka hindi raw kumita.

You know what’s the meaning of Fear? according to ZiG Ziglar, False Evidence Appearing Real :) you know mostly na kinakatakutan mo eh hindi naman talga totoo and if you have Faith in God anything is possible sabi nga sa book of Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God” . So para mas lalo mo to maitidihan, watch the video below by Chinkee Tan, I know this video will empower your Life.

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