Sunday, January 12, 2014

3 basic Principles in making your Dreams come true

Focus more time and energy on your Dreams

This is very important , sometimes we human being we tend to focus sa mga bagay na hindi importante at hindi tayo nagiging productive

Sometimes it easy to play video games, chat with friends , candy crash, Facebook :) I feel guilty on this and i'm not saying mali yan, but we must realize that God gave us only 24 hour in a day, 1440 minutes a day, 86,400 seconds a day and we should maximize it sa mga bagay na makakatulong saten abutin ang mga pangrap. 

Hindi naman kelangan mabilisan mo makuha kagad ang gusto mo because it’s a process but the small step everyday towards your dreams kapag pinagsama - sama yun it will become big.
For example you need to eat an big elephant hehe, panu mo gagawin yun? Hindi mo kaya yun ng isang Bite lang because it is so huge at baka tapakan ka pa nga nun eh :)  

Pero i have a suggestion, if you cannot eat it with one bite, you can chop it on a bite size and you eat it every day until you conquer your elephant, just like your dreams.

Avoid toxic people and surround yourself with positive people

I don’t need to elaborate this one because we all know this =) pero my question is do we really apply this one? :) If you want to become successful hangout with successful people at kahit hindi kapa successful pag lagi mo sila nakakausap ma-adopt mo yung perception nila sa buhay and you can acquire their positive aura that can inspire and motivate you toward your Goal they will guide you step by step to become like them.

Take 100 % responsibility of your life

In every step and action or decision that you will make in your life whatever consequences it may, we must not blame it to somebody else instead take it as a learning and not to commit that mistake again because you’re the one that has full responsibility in your life not other people, they’re just there to guide you and not to control us, To be responsible is a sign of maturity of a person, so every day of your life always say that you will take charge of your life! 

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